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Our Party Packages offer a collection of complimentary products packaged together at a discount. These are the quintessential packages for throwing a memorable get-together, dinner, party or celebration.

Beach Ball Bar Cart Set Up Package

Beach Ball Bar Cart Set Up Package


Whether it’s a cart in your sunroom, game room or temporary cart on your patio for a party, setting up the perfect bar cart is a must for any southern party entertaining. Our poolside beach ball set up package is just what you need to get started.

10 Beach Ball Coasters: protect your counters and tabletops with these disposable yet durable 4" coasters
Ice Bucket: this double-walled ice bucket can be used to hold ice on your drink table or to chill a bottle of wine at your dinner table
Napkin Tray with Matching Napkins: this 6x6 lucite comes complete with 25 coordinating napkins
Beach Ball Bar Towel: this washable towel is perfect for picking up spills or styling any bar cart.

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