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Hot Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Brunch



Between the holidays in the winter and the ideal travel weather in the summer, it probably seems like you always have weekend guests. A nice way to cap off a weekend visit is with a delicious Sunday brunch. But there’s no need to get up before sunrise to put together brunch. Much of your meal can be prepared the night before. Here are a few tips to save you time:


  • Main Dish: Cook a breakfast casserole in advance - maybe several days or a week in advance - and freeze it. The night before your brunch, put it in the refrigerator to defrost. In the morning, pop it into the oven with your bacon (see below) to warm up.

  • Bacon: Prepare a large batch of bacon on a baking sheet in your oven. This saves space on your stove top and requires little attention from you, enabling you to multitask.

  • Fruit: With all of the time you’ve saved above you have time to cut up some fresh fruit. Pre-cut fruit is fairly pricey at the store so save some money by cutting it yourself.


  • Juice: Have your pitcher of OJ in the fridge the night before. Frozen juice has come a long way so save some cash (and reinvest it in other items) by using frozen juice. Prepare ahead and have your champagne ready in case you’d like a mimosa with your brunch.

  • Bloody Mary Mix: Whip up a homemade Bloody Mary Mix the night before. In the morning take it out of the refrigerator and create a “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” station. Your guests can add their desired vodka and garnishes to your pre-made mix.

  • Serving: Put your juice and Bloody Mary Mix into carafes and keep them on ice in a metal wash basin or Laurie Louis beverage tub.


There’s no rule that says everything must be made from scratch. So, supplement your brunch menu with some donuts or pastries from a local bakery. If you’ve got out of town guests attending your brunch, they will appreciate the unique local flavor. These local items might cost a bit more but they will make a big impression with your guests.

While the bakery department inside your local grocery store might work in a pinch we are really focusing on a local/regional donut shop or independently owned bakery. Often these operations are a bit more creative than the national chains. For example, in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia Duck Donuts serve up creative confections perfect for Sunday brunch. Click here to see if there’s a Duck Donuts near you.

Click image to shop lemon coasters

Click image to shop lemon coasters


This attention to detail will give your guests the impression that you’ve spent a long time preparing for this brunch. (They don’t need to know that most of your work was spread out over a couple of days in advance.) Coordinate your serving trays with your plates and napkins. And don’t forget to protect your furniture with matching coasters.


You don’t have to put out the fine china out to make a nice brunch. It is possible to create a great impression while using mostly disposable items. Laurie Louis Designs offers a line of decorative disposable placemats. These placemats are festive, protect your table and can simply be thrown away once the food has been cleared. You can pair those with decorative beverage napkins which are a perfect size for brunch.

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