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The Ultimate Guide to a Southern Bridal Shower


When our mothers got married, a southern bridal shower was usually given by the ladies of the church, held at the church and the food consisted of finger sandwiches, cake and punch made by the same ladies. Today, the bridal party generally hosts the shower with the maid of honor as the main organizer. She is working a 40 hour week, helping the bride plan her wedding and finding time with the rest of the bridal party to plan a fun event.

The maid of honor and her partners in crime can really show their flair for party planning as they select the bridal shower theme. The theme should represent the bride and sometimes even the groom. Because the bridal party is generally responsible for setting up, paying for and arranging everything that goes into the shower - from invitations to the venue to the food - it helps to have a game plan ahead of the event.

Before planning even begins, schedule a lunch or girl’s night out to brainstorm about what kinds of things the bride would enjoy at the celebration. Be sure to pick a place that you can sit and talk without being bothered. The shower should be tailored to the individual quirks of each bride - will she enjoy a spread of finger sandwiches and tea? Or is the Sunday brunch scene more her style? Should it be a party for just the ladies, or would the bride prefer that everyone bring a date to the shower?

Invitations can be custom designed online or at some gift stores for the event. Laurie Louis Designs offers a selection of blank DIY invitations that can purchased and printed using most inkjet printers or they will print them for you. Here are just a few of the favorite designs.

Time: Planning the perfect bridal shower means that the bride should have a say-so regarding details like scheduling. Imagine the catastrophe if the bridal shower invitations are sent out and the guest of honor is unable to attend because of prior engagements! Before planning the rest of the event, find out when the bride would prefer to attend her own shower. Planning a wedding can be especially taxing on the bride, and she may wish to attend the shower in the weeks leading up to the wedding instead of just before the big day. If there are a lot of people traveling in for the wedding, she may wish to have the shower during the week of the wedding.

Before selecting a vеnuе, thе maid of honor should request a guest lіѕt. If the bridal party is hosting the only bridal shower, be sure to reach out to the bride’s mother to make sure family members are included. Etiquette dictates that you should not invite anyone to a shower that is not invited to the wedding.

Generally, thе shower should bе hеld іn the аrеа where mоѕt of the guеѕtѕ reside. Thе tоwn thаt hosts thе ѕhоwеr - bе it thе brіdе'ѕ hоmеtоwn, соllеgе tоwn or current lосаtіоn - may аlѕо bе lеft up to the brіdе.

With the guest list, the schedule and the venue picked out, the bridesmaids need only to consider the little extras - things like bridal shower accessories, games and what foods and beverages should be served.

SOUTHERN HOSTESS TIP: If you are serving alcoholic drinks at the shower, be sure to include a non-alcoholic version for those who don’t wish to drink.