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We've Remodeled! Take a Tour of the New Site



Welcome! You are reading this on the newly redesigned This project has been months in the making and we are excited to finally share it with you. Our new look officially kicked off at noon on Monday, June 3, 2019. The website has been redesigned from top to bottom with you in mind.


Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new features:

  • OPTIMIZED FOR EVERY DEVICE: We know that about half of you use your phone to shop our site. Therefore, we have worked hard to improve the mobile experience and ensure looks great on every device you own.

  • NEW LOGO: Eagle-eyed social media followers might have noticed a change a few weeks ago when we updated our social media profile images. But today officially launches our brand new logo designed by Christine Busch. The logo is an evolution of the previous Laurie Louis Designs mark refreshed with new colors and updated fonts.

  • IMPROVED NAVIGATION: We’ve increased and reorganized our top-line navigation - including the addition of a search feature - to make it easier for you to find content faster.

  • NEW PARTY PACKAGES: Everyone is short on time these days, so we’ve created new party packages that supply you with everything you need to create a stellar party. And as an added bonus, when you buy a package you save money compared to buying all individual items.

  • RELAUNCHED BLOG: We’ve had a blog on our site since day one, but we are relaunching it with a revised focus and renewed energy. Laurie’s Journal: Your Guide to Entertaining will be your go-to source for tips and tricks when it comes to being a great host…or the ideal guest! We hope you’ll bookmark our blog and visit it regularly.

  • MORE PICTURES: You’ll notice our new website utilizes a lot of photography. The site features bigger pictures in more locations across the site. (And we are adding more all the time!) Whether it is an inspirational blog post or a product listing, we hope the new pictures inspire you to imagine the possibilities.


The launch of the new website is just the first of many changes we have planned. Exciting new initiatives will continue to launch this summer. From sensational new series to special promotions exclusively for our subscribers, this is going to be our biggest year yet. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in-the-know on all of our exciting changes.


We would love to hear your thoughts on our new digs. Please take a look around and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Let us know what you like. Share what you think could be improved. And speak up with any ideas you have regarding topics you’d like to see covered on the site or products you’d like to see developed.

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