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Setting Up a Guest Bathroom for Company


Does your front door seem to be a revolving one with different family members and friends staying at your house.Here are 5 quick tips on setting up a bathroom for out of town guests.

1.  Be sure to clean off the counter so that there is plenty of space for your guests toiletries. 

2. Stock the bathroom with little amenities they may forget, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo or lotion. I also include cotton balls so they can take off their makeup. 

3. Have some kind of lucite tray on the counter that can hold your guests jewelry at night or change out of their pockets so they don't lose anything.

4. Pamper your guest with a few extras like a loofah, bath salts and shower gel. Try to stick to generic fragrances though in case your guests have allergies.


5. A small plant is perfect to dress up the room but make sure it doesn't take up much room on the counter. 

A few other things to think about: make sure clean towels are hanging on the rack so they don't have to hunt for them. Make sure there is a small trashcan in the bathroom so they don't have to hunt for one. And finally, check the supply of toilet paper so they aren't taken by surprised and think about including a box of Kleenex in case they need it. 

SOUTHERN HOSTESS TIP: Check out the bathroom between guests and replenish anything that needs it.