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Make it a Memorable Memorial Day


The holiday weekend is coming soon. What are you doing? Are you planning a party? Going to someone's house? Here's a few quick ideas on how to plan a quick party with as little stress as possible.

Summer holidays give you the perfect red, white and blue color scheme for your party. Your local dollar store should have plenty of red or blue plates.  Don't forget to add plastic utensils for eating and serving to your shopping list.  Think about pairing them with the opposite color of napkins.  A bunch of red, white and blue balloons makes a great centerpiece for your food table or a large watermelon hollowed out and filled with strawberries and other fresh cut up fruit.  

As far as food goes, you can choose the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs but keep in mind that someone will need to stay on the grill to cook. Low country boils are always fun but keep in mind that some of your guests may be allergic to shrimp. If you want something low maintenance and easy to put together, order barbecue takeout from your local restaurant along with 2 or 3 sides. Then ask your guests to each bring a side or dessert. Make sure someone includes deviled eggs!

Bottle drinks that are kept cool in buckets of ice are always great for self serve and you don't have to worry about cups.  Another option is pitchers of lemonade, water and of course sweet tea. Remember to purchase plastic cups when you purchase your plates and napkins.

Depending on where you live, sparklers and fireworks are always great nighttime entertainment. During the day, think about yard games and maybe a table with checkers or chess. 

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

SOUTHERN HOSTESS TIP: If you decide to order from a restaurant, be sure to order it ahead of time in case everyone else has the same idea as you.