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Family Beach Trip Meal Planning


Summer beach trips mean a week of fun in the sun but it also means a week away from your kitchen. Before heading the the coast, it is best to spend some time mapping out dinner for the week.

Growing up, my mom’s family would rent a large house at the beach every summer. We had a blast spending time together. For many of us, it was a chance to catch up with cousins we didn’t get to see very often. When it came to dinner our mothers divided up the week, with each person being responsible for one dinner.


You might not be heading to the beach with a large extended family like we did. But that doesn’t have to make meal planning a daunting task. With a little planning on the front end, your meals will be as enjoyable as your time in the sand. Here are some sample menus for a beach week:

Night 1: Pizza from a local pizza place
You’ve spent a good chunk of the day driving so nobody wants to cook. Find a locally owned pizza shop and order a few pies. Try to avoid chains - make it something you can’t get at home! You can even research before your arrive at your destination.

Night 2:  Baked ham, potato salad and a vegetable
The baked ham pulls double duty because you can use the leftovers for the next day’s lunch. .

Night 3: Pasta night
Pasta might seem heavy on a hot night at the beach, but it doesn’t have to be. Create a pasta bar so everyone can add their own desired amount of toppings. Personally, I loved my mom’s meat sauce…it was simply amazing. Sadly her recipe was all in her head so I’m still looking for the perfect meat sauce recipe. Do you have a good recipe? If so, please mention it in the comments!

Night 4: Spanish Rice and Salad
I am a big fan of this recipe. It's still one of my favorites.

Night 5: Local Seafood Restaurant
Give the kitchen a break and seek out a locally owned seafood restaurant. Everyone will enjoy a night out of the house while they explore the local seafood scene.

Night 6: Chicken Tetrazzini
This was a huge favorite for everyone in our family.

Night 7: Leftover Night
Leaving the next day, everyone was on their own for dinner and you could warm whatever you wanted. If there weren't any leftovers, dinner was usually a seafood boil and any caught crabs. Our Low Country Boil Collection has some great items that you can easily transport to the beach!

For more ideas, check out our Pinterest Boards.


Nobody wants to spent their entire vacation in a kitchen,prep a couple of items in advance and take them to the beach. Freeze your items ahead of time in frozen casserole dishes and plastic bags. That way they are easier to transport. Frozen soup, chili or spaghetti sauce also works as an ice block in a cooler for transport.


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