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Entertaining with the Summer Heat


Summer is here and so is the HEAT! Whether you are living in North,'s hot! And although it’s the perfect time of year for an outdoor party, the last think you want to deal with is the heat Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning.

1.  ICE
Whether you are serving beer and wine or lemonade and water, thinking about keeping your drinks in buckets of ice instead of insulated coolers. The ice seems to keep things cooler longer. Depending on the heat, you may need to replenish the ice though. (Ice Buckets available in the shop)

With all the local farmer's markets and vegetable stands in the area, think about including fresh vegetables in your menu. There are perfect for snacking or adding to a cookout. If you are serving them outside, think about putting them in a bowl of ice.

The last thing you want to do on a 90 degree day is cook over a grill. Think about cooking ribs in the oven or barbecue in the crockpot. That way you can cook them ahead and not have to worry about the heat. When using the stove, consider cooking the ribs first thing in the morning or after the sun goes down so your kitchen doesn't get too hot either.

When scheduling a party or planning for dinner outside, think about the time of day and the sun. Instead of planning an afternoon party in the heat of the day, think about an early brunch before it gets to hot. Or, if you are planning dinner, look for the shade in your yard and place your table and chairs there. If you have an outdoor area, think about purchasing and setting up an fan mister. You can generally find them at Lowes, Sears and even Amazon.

Summer nights in the south are prone to flying guests, otherwise known as mosquitoes. These pesky guests are prone to biting and flying away. Citronella candles that can be placed on tables as centerpieces or tiki torches that can placed around the party will help to keep the mosquitoes away.

SOUTHERN HOSTESS TIP: With the heat, be sure to have plenty of water bottles available to keep people from overheating.