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Tailgate Time-Saver Tips


Whether you are headed to the game or inviting others to watch the game at your house, here are five areas where you can save time in putting together your game day tailgate.

Chicken Biscuits from Bojangles’ served on a  Laurie Louis Tailgate Platter

Chicken Biscuits from Bojangles’ served on a Laurie Louis Tailgate Platter

FOOD: Instead of spending all your time the night before or early morning cooking for a party, let someone else do the cooking. If you are headed to the game, google area restaurants or delis to order food ahead of time and pick it up on the way to the game. Staying home? Order from your favorite restaurants or try a new one. Just remember to ask for their catering menu, which offers food in bulk. Be sure to check the store hours in case they don’t open early enough. Some great suggestions are Bojangles' favorite barbecue restaurant or a deli. These places all serve up great finger food which is perfect for a tailgate.

Don’t forget your local grocery for soft drinks, chips, dips and even dessert. No time to go to the grocery? Use a grocery delivery service like Instacart to have your gameday supplies delivered to your front door.

DRINKS: Coolers or beverage buckets of drinks is a must to keep everyone hydrated. You’ll want to supply an array of beverages to satisfy the whole group. One great way to ensure everyone has their beverage of choice is to do a BYOB party. If you do that, ensure you have plenty of water and ice on hand. Create a beverage station in your house is stocked with plenty of shatterproof cups and a couple of ice buckets.

DECORATIONS: Table decor and decorations for a tailgate party usually revolve around your teams colors. That makes it so much easier. Check out your local Dollar Stores and party stores for cups, plates and napkins. Be sure to include a paper or plastic disposable tablecloth. If you have Amazon Prime have them delivered straight to your house. Using paper and plastic makes things so easy when it’s time for clean up.

Delicious sliders taste better when served up on personalized tailgate platters

Delicious sliders taste better when served up on personalized tailgate platters

SERVING DISHES: A metal bucket or beverage bucket filled with ice is the perfect plan for your drinks. Whether you are choosing custom platters or heavy duty plastic ones, put a piece of parchment paper under the food to help with cleanup. Think about serving popcorn, snacks or chopped vegetables in plastic color coordinated cups. They are cute, easy to hold if sitting or standing and perfect for clean up.

CLEAN UP: Believe it or not, you can even delegate the clean up. Make sure that trashcans are prominent and clearly marked at your tailgate or party and people will do the work for you. Especially if you are using plastic and paper products. If you are recycling your cans and bottles, be sure to have a container clearly marked for those as well. Finally, when everyone has left, store any food in plastic containers you want to keep and empty the rest onto your plastic or paper disposable table cloth. Then all you have to do is ball up your table cloth with everything inside and throw away.

As we’ve talked about before, tailgates are a tradition in the south and you want to make sure that you can enjoy all of it with your friends.


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