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5 Tips to the Perfect Bar Cart for Entertaining

Whether it’s a cart in your Sunroom, Game Room or temporary cart on your patio for a patio, setting a bar cart is a must for any party entertaining. Here are 5 tips on what you need to make it the perfect one.

1.  The Cart
Carts come in many shapes and sizes. Some are on wheels and some are more like a table or shelf. When picking your cart, be sure of two things.  (1) It matches your style. (2) It has room for everything you want to include. I have included several that match my style and links to their sites.  My favorite is above.

In Order:  Home Depot, Walmart & Wayfair.

2.  Color, Texture & Pattern
Your cart should include a tray or trays, glasses, coasters and an ice bucket.  To give them color and texture, think about using a theme or design pattern. You can use crystal monogrammed trays and pitchers with linen napkins for that formal look or lucite trays and disposable coasters for that casual look. Remember, stay with your style.

All Disposable Coasters, Shatterproof Cups, Ice Buckets, Trays, Bar Towels and Glasses available in the Shop.

3.  The Tools
Your bar cart should contain several tools that will make your entertaining easier.  They are: jiggers, a strainer, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, ice bucket and a set of ice tongs. You may also want to include a shaker, a muddler and a spoon.  You can find cute sets in gift stores and online.

4. The Liquor
The basic liquors to include are: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey and vermouth.  You can leave them in their original bottle or pour them into crystal decanters.  Don't forget to include your different mixers. Unless you are planning a big party, think about purchasing smaller sizes of the ones you don't use so they don't go flat.

5.  The Fruit
Limes, lemons and oranges, which can be cut into wedges for drinks, can be put in a bowl to give you another color and texture element to your cart. Think about the container you put them in as well:  glass, metal or wooden.

Along with these top 5 tips for your Bar Cart, also think about adding some cute glasses.  These can be plain or designed to match your theme and should include different shapes and sizes for the different drinks. Most carts also include a live plant of some sort or flowers (another texture) and something fun or personal. This could be a piece of artwork, your favorite book on the bottom shelf or anything little to show your creativity.