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5 Tips for Tailgating at Home


Tailgates & Touchdowns: Saturdays in the South

We don’t play around when it comes to tailgating and touchdowns in the south. From the time you arrive to your dress code to even what you serve, every school has a tradition when it comes to tailgating and the one thing they have in common, is that they take it very seriously. For most, it’s a like a family reunion. Not one of blood relatives but one of friendships made through the years.

Some people have season tickets and attend every home game. But many of us watch the majority of games - both home and away - at a house surrounded with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean you we can’t party like we were at the stadium. Because in the south, we love and respect our football team - no matter where we watch.

Here are five quick tips on setting up a tailgate celebration at home:.

DECOR: Team colors should be the starting point for your themed decor. A great way to accomplish this is choosing durable plates, bowls, and napkins in the team colors. They can usually be found inexpensively at your local dollar store. For a centerpiece, flowers in the team colors, pompoms, or even a single football make a great added addition. You can also purchase a small go team banner to hang on the front of your table. Looking for a little more, consider using school color serving platters, disposable coasters or plastic cups.

FOOD: When planning the food for your party, tailgate food is a must and even better if you consider serving the same food options that you would find at your school’s tailgate. Whether it’s barbecue, fried chicken and pimento cheese in the south or jambalaya in Louisiana, food at a tailgate is just as important as the celebration. Since people will be there for several hours watching the game, be sure to include items that people can graze on throughout the day and maybe even consider serving a second mini meal during halftime. If you aren’t sure what type of food to serve, consider looking up: the school & tailgate food or traditions.

DRINKS: As always, it’s good to have coolers or buckets of ice with cold drinks. This can include beer, soft drinks and water. You may want to think about serving a signature drink as well. What a great way to meet people at the door than with a spiked ice tea, bloody mary or Alabama slammer.

DRESS: Although in the south, we take our dress code for ballgames just as serious as the game, you may want to rethink that for your event. If people will be standing around or sitting on the floor to watch the game, heels and dresses might not be the best attire for the event. Some may still want to wear their cute sun dresses, khakis and bowties but let people know that they will be sitting on the floor so they can plan ahead.

WATCH: As we all know, the tailgate is important but watching the game is a must. Be sure you know ahead of time what time the pregame show will be and what channel is carrying the game. If possible, have a television available in more than one room so that everyone can have a great seat.

Lastly, be sure to do as much ahead of time because as a true fan, you want to enjoy the game as well.


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