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When I started today's blog, a result of Amber's Blog - A Bride Story for this week, I never realized how many different styles there are and ways there are for grooms to put their own special spin on things. One of the first questions to think about is color. Although, tuxedos are now available in colors like white and tan, the popular trends these days tend to be the traditional black, hues of blue and grey. The classic and traditional color for a tux is black. Generally used for that black tie affair or night time wedding, you always know that your wedding pictures will have a certain flair and expensive feel to them. Blue tuxedos come in a wide range of shades and are perfect for any wedding with the darker shades being saved for the night weddings or the late afternoon weddings that go into the night. Grey tuxedos and suits continue to be popular and the light shades like cement are perfect that afternoon wedding. Grey is also a good way to tone down the formality.

When talking trends and styles, one of the new trends is an old trend made new. At one point, the "morning dress" was reserved for daytime weddings. Today, with companies like Allure Men and Ike Behar, we now have some updated options to bring back this tradition. Pair it with a detailed fabric vest and have a look that belongs on the runways in Hollywood.

Another trend is the slim fit...these are perfect for the men with smaller frames or guys that want that slimmer look. Finally, when picking a tux you need to think about the lapel. Little did I know that there were three different types of lapels. Silly me thought there were two - think and wide. According to research, there are three main types: notch, peak and shawl lapels. Notch lapels are the least formal and tend to make the tux look more like a suit. They are for that guy who wants to look and feel comfortable but needs to wear a tux for the wedding. The “notch” gets it's name because of the opening where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, usually at a 75 – 90 degree angle. Peak lapels are the most formal and traditional. This would be the type of lapel that you would generally have on a morning dress. It is defined by the edges that are pointed up toward your shoulders.  Finally, shawl lapels are also very formal and elegant but have a continuous curve unlike the notch and peak lapels.

Now that you know all about the trendy colors, looks and styles for 2015, let's talk about distinction. No two brides or grooms are the same and therefore, no two wedding parties should look the same. Unlike brides that have the ability to add color with their bridesmaid dresses and flowers or style with their off the shoulder, strapless, vintage or modern dresses, grooms can be limited. When looking for a little distinction...try using a little color with a pocket square, an elegant tie or vest or for that groom that just wants a little fun...try colored socks.

No matter what you chose for your groom...always make sure it compliments you and your dress.

Well, that's it for today. I hope this post has helped. Next week we will have another edition of A Bride's Story from Amber and we will talk to Heather Bryson from Carolina Event Design.

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