Weddings - Must Have Apps

Wedding planning can be a very time consuming process. Whether you are planning on your own or hiring a planner, there are certain things you will need to provide.  In this day of the internet, smart phone and tablets, apps have been created to make your job easier. They do everything from streamlining your process, to keeping track of the money to staying social. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these apps and what they do. @laurie_louis instagram

INSTAGRAM: One great way to look at your wedding after the fact is to use Instagram. Create a hashtag just for your wedding and let your guests know it. Ask them to post throughout the day and then go back and look at the pictures after the wedding. Modern day's answer to disposable cameras.  #bride&groomwedding * Here is a hint: Create a business card size - social media card to go in your invitation with your hashtag, Instagram feed and website.  That way your guests can follow too.

LaurieLouiscom Pinterest

PINTEREST: One of the first things I ask my brides when we meet is:  Do you have a Pinterest board with ideas of what you are looking for?  If they tell me no, I suggest they set up several and start playing:  Dresses, bridesmaids dresses, color inspiration, theme inspiration (rustic, nautical), flowers, cakes and invitations.

POSTABLE: When I was looking at wedding apps, this turned out to be one of my favorites.  If you are like me, you have all your friends email addresses but finding their snail mail addresses is another story.  Postable makes it easy.  They give you a link to email out to all of your friends, who in turn, click on a link and fill out their own address.  Postable organizes it into a neat file that is even exportable.

THE KNOT WEDDING DRESS LOOKBOOK: Everyone knows that all eyes are on the bride on her wedding day, which means that finding a dress is one of the most important items for a bride.  But, if you are anything like my friends that are currently engaged, they work full time and have busy schedules. This app allows you to look at dresses during your down time. All you need is a smartphone.  Then, you can bookmark your favorites and start calling your local bridal shops to go visit.


TOP TABLE PLANNER: Once you have everyone's name in your database, it's time to figure out where they are going to sit at the reception.  This app lets you import your list and then drop and drag the names as you get your RSVP's.  You can adjust the table size, indicate the meal preference and add other room elements. There is a nominal fee for this application but it does have a free trial.

VYCLONEVYCLONE: It's your wedding day and you spent your money on a great photographer instead of a videographer, what do you do.  Tell your friends and family to download this app.  It aggregates all your guests' wedding videos and puts them together into a seamless video. If you are the creative type, you can even add a soundtrack to the video and edit the reel.

Along with all these different apps, be sure to check out the local magazines in your area. Most major markets have wedding magazines in print and online.  They can help with local vendors as well as trends in the market.

Until next time, stay warm and be sure to share your love on Facebook! Laurie