Weddings - Appetizers

Appetizers seem to be a popular theme on my Pinterest feed this week so I decided to do my blog on Wedding Appetizers.  I picked five fun looking appetizers and two my friends and I started cooking, taking pictures along the way.  Disclaimer:  none of us are chefs and we aren't professionals and shooting food...that would be my friend Taylor of Taylor Takes a Taste.  It turned out to be a great Girl's Night! As a matter of fact, if you are getting married soon and trying to decide what type of food you want to have for your wedding, what better idea for a Girl's Night then cooking some of the recipes your are contemplating and letting your friends help you pick. For this week's blog, we picked 5 recipes:  Ham Cups, Cheese Bacon Bombs, Mini Deep Dish Pizza, Taco Cupcakes and Fried Pickles.

I think the general consensus between the three of us was that the Taco Cupcakes were our favorites.  I found the recipe on the blog - The Girl Who Ate Everything.  The recipe calls tomatoes on top with sour cream but we used salsa instead.

We learned the hard way with the Cheese Bacon Bombs that the dough expands, so we need to divide the biscuits up.  But aside from that, it's bacon and everyone loves bacon.  A friend of mine told me after looking at the pictures that we needed to add chocolate.  We found this recipe on the site Oh Bite It.

The Mini Deep Dish Pizzas came from the website Dashing Dish.  These were fun and very good but I don't know that they are the best thing for a wedding reception or party.  They can be a little messy.

We found our Breakfast Ham Cups on Menu Musings of a Modern Mom.  This would be something perfect for a morning brunch the day of the wedding or the morning after. If we were going to make these again, we need to do a better job with the ham and putting it in the muffin tins.

The final appetizer that we made was Oven Baked Fried Pickles.  We found this recipe on Food.  These were really good and since they were broiled in the oven, we didn't feel as bad eating them.  We served them ranch dressing.

My original thought for this was to style a table for the shoot and do a cute menu design to go with it.  I ran out of time and energy but I promise next time we do this, I will do a better job with the pictures and styling.  Until then, try out the recipes above and be sure to let me know what you think.

Next week's Vendor Spotlight will be WinMock at Kinderton, a wedding venue in Bermuda Run - right outside of Winston-Salem, NC.  Until next time – stay warm and don’t forget to share your love on Facebook!