Wedding Wednesdays- Wedding Photos

Hello Brides! I'm Tanya from Love and Cocoa, a Mama Lifestyle blog from Los Angeles. I'm so excited to be guest posting for Laurie while she's on entertaining her aunt. I want to share wedding photo advice from me to you.

There are so many important pieces to the wedding puzzle but one that will capture your memories forever is your photographer. Make sure you get the shots you want, there are no do overs. Without a great photographer, well, there’s not much to look at. Weddings are one of the most intimate moments you can enjoy in life. Make sure you get the photos you dream of. When I got married, 11 years ago, Pinterest didn’t exist. Brides today are so lucky to have it when used as an organizational wedding tool. Use it to create a photo journal, something to show your photographer so you get the shots you want. Finding the right photographer can be stress free, seriously, promise! Wedding venues have a list of tried and true photographers. Referrals are another great source. Remember, this is all about you, so choose wisely. Look at the photographers work and when you get emotional, yeah ok a little teary, it’s an emotional time, right?... then, you’ve found your man! ;) At my wedding, my photographer brought a new photographer with him and well, it shows in some of my pictures. I was very disappointed initially with my pictures but Photoshop is a great helper, if need be. Here are a few pictures from my wedding that I’m so happy I have to show my kiddos. One of the most important for me was the picture with my Grandpa and me (he’s since passed).

Here’s a photo checklist, I found on Pinterest:

Make sure you have a wedding planner, friend, parent who can help you along the way so you can enjoy every moment of the planning process and of course, your wedding day. What do you want to remember about your day? Capture it.

Congratulations Brides! Xo, Tanya