Wedding Wednesdays - The Master Checklist

For those of you that are reading my blog and saying - what does she know about a Wedding Checklist, you are right...until the last week, I knew nothing.  I have taken many wedding planning and event planning courses in preparation for my new venture but never having been a bride myself, I really had no idea what goes into a wedding these days. A perfect example of this is when I put together my wedding suites for 2014 and realized all the different pieces that brides are looking for these days.  Today, it's not just the wedding invitation and the rsvp card.  My all-inclusive suites include an information (accommodation) card, a reception card, a save-the-date card, table cards, menu and place cards, as well as the invitation and rsvp card.  That doesn't even begin to include the wedding favors or welcome gifts that the bride and groom are providing for their guests (see July 2nd's post for ideas).

So, after extensive research, I have come up with a comprehensive wedding checklist broken down into categories.


For those of you reading this who have recently gotten married, please let me know what I missed so I can add it going forward.  To those of you who are just starting out the wedding process, I hope this helps.  And, if you need help with any of the items in green on the list, please let me know. would love to help you with your planning needs.