Wedding Wednesdays - Did you know...the Wedding Budget

When I was taking Wedding Planner Classes, one of the sections was "what you may not know about a wedding".  Although those of you that are already married or those deep in the wedding process probably already know these quick tips, I thought I would pass them on. Did you know...

1.  While the bride and her family pay for the church or venue, organist, etc, the groom and his family are responsible for paying the officiant and for the marriage license.

2.  While the bride and her family pay for the flowers at the wedding and reception, along with the bridesmaid bouquets and flower girl's basket, the groom and their family are responsible for not only the boutonnieres for the men but the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers as well as the bouquet for the bride and her travel corsage.

3.  The bride and her family pay for the wedding reception and the groom and his family pay for the rehearsal party.  The engagement party can be paid for by either family but if there is more than one, the bride's family should pay for the first one.

With these few facts in mind, it's now time to start on your wedding budget.  According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in 2013 was $25.2K. The biggest items generally were:  the wedding reception, the wedding venue, the engagement ring and the wedding planner.

Although a wedding planner can help you with your spending budget as well as the allocation of your funds, there are plenty of free resources on the internet to help that DIY bride.  Check out my new Pinterest Board - Wedding Wednesdays - Wedding Budgets to see some of the ones that I found.

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