Wedding Wednesday's - Destination Weddings

Since I am sitting on the Florida beach as you read this, I thought what better topic to talk about today than Destination Weddings. According to a Marketing Report written by Shane McMurray, just over 1 in 10 US weddings in 2014 will be a destination wedding. He also estimates that the average distance traveled by wedding parties to a destination wedding in 2013 was 181 miles. The average wedding size for a destination wedding is 136 guests, with 33% of the weddings having between 51-100 guests. California and Florida appeared to be the top destinations in 2013 and about 17% of the couples tended to go out of the country.

So, what's the appeal of a destination wedding? According to an article by The Knot - Destination Wedding Basics: Why Marry Away in a Destination?, the biggest reason is that they are virtually stress free. You can get married and have your honeymoon at the same resort or destination and most resorts have their own full-time wedding coordinators on staff to help you through the process. In some cases, they can also be very cost effective as opposed to weddings in some of the bigger cities. Finally, you make all the rules. If you aren't looking for that formal wedding with the long flowing dress, tux with tails and 300 guests, then a destination wedding may be just what you need.

Imagine walking to meet your groom along the white sandy beaches as you look out at the calm blue water. You walk to him in your flowing short, white dress and he stands there in khakis and a white button down barefoot in the sand. After you say your vows, you move on to the outdoor venue for a casual wedding reception where your flowers are tropical and your surroundings are palm trees. Your tables are white with wooden slated chairs and a teal table runner down the middle and orange tropical flowers as your centerpieces. That was the vision I had when I created my beach invitations.

And as a result of this inspiration - here is one of my Beach Wedding Suites:

Although, the Invitation, RSVP card and Information card are the only ones part of this particular suite, other coordinating pieces are available. See my wedding page for more information.

Have a great Wednesday and talk to you Friday for Fun Friday Blog on Summer Beach Reading.