Wedding Wednesdays - Country Style

Last Saturday I was at a restaurant that entertained a Rehearsal Dinner.  Although I don't know whether or not a wedding planner set up the room, the first thing that I thought about was that the design was very DIY. The table cloths were white with burlap runners:

Burlap can generally be bought in rolls at your local fabric stores or on-line.  As I was doing some investigating for this blog, I also saw some examples with the bride and grooms initials at the end or the center.  Iron on letters can be found at Michaels or you can purchase the fabric that you want and the fabric adhesive at Michaels.

The centerpieces were Mason Jars with white daisies and other wild flowers.

Mason jars can generally be found at any grocery or box store this time of year because of canning.  You can also order them on Amazon and I also found other stores when I googled.

I would also use white votives in some of the mason jars to give additional mood lighting.

The plates were solid white with clear glasses and white napkins.  As an added dimension, you could roll the napkins and tie them with twine. Or you can do menus with the wedding colors and sit them on each of the white dishes.

Now, although I didn't see any favors, I do think that given this time of year, I would do homemade strawberry or peach jam as a gift.  You could set one at each place or put them on a side table by the door so people can pick them up on the way out.  Cute label stickers can be created for the tops as a reminder to the guests of their time.

For those brides looking for a good DIY party, good luck and congratulations.

All pictures are from Pinterest and can be found in my Country Wedding Decorating Board.

Check back on Friday to hear about an author I just found and the four book series I just finished.  Can't wait for the next one.