Wedding Wednesdays - Bride Magazines

When I started looking at Wedding Checklists to create my blog, the number one thing on each list seemed to be: Begin looking at bridal, floral, lifestyle, fashion and food magazines. So, what better idea for my first blog than to tell you about my experience with Wedding Magazines. When I decided that I was going to take my business full-time, I sat down with two friends of mine who have worked in the wedding business at one time or another. The first question they asked was - where are your bride magazines? Your coffee table should be covered with them. Seriously, how could I design wedding invitations without knowing what trends were out there and what brides were looking for. And what better way to see those trends than by looking at magazines.

So, the very next day, I headed to Barnes and Noble to buy some Wedding Magazines. Oh my gosh! Little did I know that there were so many. There are the general ones like Wedding Style Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Premier Bride, Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings. Then, just when you think you have seen them all, there are the ones that are dedicated just to your area. Whether that is the city you live in, the state you live in, the cities near you or whether or not you are from the north, south, east or west. I came back with seven different magazines and a lot of reading to do.

I sat down at my kitchen table with a notepad, a pair of scissors and a diet coke. Four hours later, by the time I was finished, I had a stack of torn out articles and pictures to give me lots of ideas and a better idea of the current trends. The biggest question at that point was what to do with them. Enter the world of Pinterest and newly created boards for inspiration. Be sure to follow the Wedding Wednesday's Blog board to see what I found. I will be posting them as we go along.

Here is one of the ideas that I found in Coastal Real Weddings Magazine.

I love the new paper straws and geometric design on the table cloth.