Wedding Wednesdays - A Good Laugh

I definitely realized that I am still in a learning curve this week.  As you guys know, not only do I offer invitations but I also offer table cards and place cards.  I had a client that I've been working with for a couple of months who's son was getting married.  We did Rehearsal Invitations for her with the Nautical Theme and they really turned out nice.  But she also wanted table cards and place cards.  For the place cards, I set up an excel spreadsheet for them to fill out and did a master page with all the constant information.  Then once i had the names, I duplicated the master page for the number of sheets needed and inserted the names.  That was actually the easiest of the processes.

THEN came the dreaded table cards.  When I originally put them on my list of things sell, little did I realize what I was getting into.  See, table cards are double-sided and these cards had navy borders.  

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Cute cards, how hard can it be...well, lets just say that my friends are probably glad this project is over and I definitely learned by trial and error.  First of all, I printed two copies of each of them, cut them and glued them together to provide front and back.Strike One. The borders didn't match up.  They weren't even and they didn't line up.  Step two, I put two per page in the middle of the page and then printed the same thing on front and back, thinking they would line up.  Silly me. Once again, they didn't line up and the borders weren't even.Strike Two.  So a friend suggested that I go to Kinkos and have them printed there.  So, I headed to Kinkos with my flash drive, told them the problem and they printed them for me.  They cut the first one, it matched up and I headed home to make the remaining cuts.  Guess what, Strike Three.  Only the first one really lined up.  The next one was off about a quarter of an inch and the next one even worse.  Ugh!

Not to be outdone, I took a breath and walked away from it.  Then, yesterday morning, I went to get more paper and sat down to start again.  This time I doubled the border.  I cut each of the table cards out and put them together with adhesive.  Once they were attached, I then cut the sides to make sure they were even on all sides.HOME RUN!

I know that all projects will not be this hard but I also know that I learned a great deal from this experience and next time, I'll know what to do from the start.  This new venture of mine is definitely a learning experience and I love every minute of it.