Wedding Wednesday's - A Bride's Story Part 5

Hey guys! In keeping with my New Year's Goals and getting blogs out on time, it is 12:29 am on Wednesday morning and I am setting up Amber's blog. See, she had it to me in plenty of time last night but I got side tracked and it hit me that it's Wednesday and time for the blog...I know that you will enjoy this one, I did!



Week 10 Good morning, readers!! This past weekend was very exciting and I cannot wait for this weekend! This weekend we are going dress shopping and have our engagement party, but I will tell you ALL about that next week. First things first, I attended my first bridal show this weekend and it was…fabulous. For any of you brides out there that haven’t yet hit the bridal show part of the planning process there are a few things I must share. 1) It is going to be incredibly overwhelming. 2) You WILL have a sugar high from all the cakes by the end of it. 3) You will never get tired of hearing complete strangers tell you congratulations. 4) Take advantage of stickers with all your info on it (whether the show offers that option or you print them at home) because your hand will get tired if you don’t! 5) Take it all in and walk around slowly so that you don’t miss anything. 6) Set up a game plan at the onset, know where you’re going to start and follow the path, don’t be distracted…you will get to everything! 7) Start at the back and work your way around. Most brides will start at the front and it will be incredibly congested. If you start at the back you can avoid long lines to speak with many vendors. 8) Know which vendors you do need so that you don’t waste yours or anyone else’s time. 9) You will get TONS of free stuff, don’t go this alone. It took my mother, future sister in law, and dear friend and bridesmaid to carry everything!! Lastly and most importantly 10) Have fun! This is all about you, your fiancé (if you make him go, which I have to say I saw more men looking bored out of their skulls than enjoying themselves…know your man!), and your wedding day….don’t feel pressured into anything and if a vendor is making you feel that way, feel free to walk away. This is supposed to be fun and give you some great ideas, not make you feel uncomfortable in any way! I didn’t experience this, but I did see some vendors getting a little pushy. After saying all of that I also want to add that as a rule of thumb, if a vendor bad mouths another vendor (again, didn’t experience this, just a word of caution) RUN! You need vendors that are going to put you and your needs for your day first, not someone who is going to waste your time with unprofessionalism! As you all know I have been speeding along with the planning process and all I really need is a baker, florist, and DJ. Sadly, the baker and florist are not going to be found in Charlotte for a Savannah wedding, but I did meet a great DJ that if our current plan doesn’t work out, I will definitely be calling him! I did see a lot of great photographers, but Susan is by far better than them and offered a FAR better deal. I also saw a lot of stationary vendors and was not at all surprised to learn that Laurie Louis has far more to offer, on better card stock, with a better overall disposition!! I don’t want to say any names for several reasons, first and foremost being that I have not chosen any of these vendors and will not call out any “second choices” and most importantly, I will not break my own rule of saying anything negative about a specific vendor! Dan and I are very excited for our Engagement Party on Saturday and having the chance to celebrate with friends and family and I am beside myself with anticipation for wedding dress shopping with my mom, future sister in laws, and bridesmaids this weekend!! It will be very hard to do my blog next week if I do find the one without letting the cat out of the bag! Ha!

Until next time, friends! Amber

**************************** As Amber mentioned, her Engagement Party is this weekend and I can't wait to meet her family and friends that I've heard so much about.  I haven't asked her yet but I'm hoping that once the party is over, I'll be able to share her engagement invitation with you.  I think it came out really well, if I do say so Until next week, work on your goals for 2015 and stay warm!