Wedding Wednesdays - A Bride's Story Part 2

Hey guys!  For those of you that read last Wednesday's Blog - A Bride's Story by Amber, you heard the story of how "he asked, and she said yes."  Today's blog takes a look at the beginning of her planning process.   From the girl that is working with her on her invitations, let me just preface her blog by saying - she definitely has her act together!

Well, this whole wedding thing just got REAL. We cut the deposit checks for the ceremony and reception and signed the contract for the hotel. We already hired the photographer, I actually did that as soon as we settled on a location because I knew long before we got engaged who I wanted to photograph our day. (I keep typing my day, but I need to stop that and remember that it’s our day!)

I guess it’s time to back up a little bit and tell you, dear readers, where we are getting married and why! In March of 2010, I was working in this great little British pub, Six Pence Pub. I walked into work one day and said to a coworker, “Who is the big white guy in the kitchen?!” For any of you that have ever worked in a restaurant, you know that generally speaking there are not often big white guys in the kitchen. He and I hit it off immediately, we bonded over baseball and sarcasm. A good foundation for any lasting relationship. A few months later, we had our first date and as cheesy and RomCom as it sounds, I knew the second he kissed me that I would marry him. The thought alone gave me heart palpitations. I was seriously commitment phobic and the thought that I could marry anyone was TERRIFYING! Okay, so I tell you all that to let you know the original Six Pence Pub is in Savannah, GA and we spent our first anniversary there and love everything about it! The charm, the history, the fact that you can walk around with booze…all wonderful! We chose to get married in Savannah, with the reception held at a hotel Hilton Savannah DeSoto that is a stone’s throw from Six Pence. Without Six Pence, we never would have met and we both felt that bringing it back to where it all began (in a sense) was just perfect!!

I didn’t think through how I was going to write this (I warned you, I’m not a blogger and certainly not a writer!) However, I think now is a perfect time to talk about my photographer. Susan Crutchfield Photography is in a word, AMAZING! I have been honored to call her a friend for years and have had the privilege to watch her talents unravel and hers is a talent that you cannot simply pass by without being blown away! She doesn’t rely on editing to make her photographs amazing, she makes them amazing. If anyone lives in the Atlanta area (not solely, contact her!!) and needs photos done, Susan is a MUST! She is a kind, funny, and beautiful soul that will tell your story in ways you didn’t even know it could be told! So, of course she was my first thought when it came to my…our wedding!

Most of you don’t know this yet, but you will over the next year, I will not give anyone undue praise…when I tell you that someone is a must, I mean it. I am blessed to be surrounded by very talented people and I want to give them their due. This is my pulpit from which to do it for now, but I promise that I will never steer anyone wrong!

Okay, so here we are with 367 days away from the big day and I have already crossed off some of the most important things. I am not a very girly girl though and I haven’t been planning my wedding since I was a kid, not that there’s anything wrong with that, so I never read any bridal magazines or books until now and I missed the most important thing to do when getting engaged. BASK in the glow of marrying the love of your life! Take a beat and don’t jump right into planning, love your intended and enjoy every second because the planning is going to go so quickly and then before you know it it’s the big day and everyone says THAT goes so quickly and then you’re married and sitting on the couch in a few years and think to yourself, “What happened?! I was just engaged a second ago and now I’m married!!” At least that’s how I imagine it’ll happen. Have I mentioned I’m a little melodramatic while daydreaming? No? Well, prepare yourselves for that! With that being said, now that the biggest stuff is taken care of, I have realized that I need to take a little bit and enjoy this wonderful man of mine and this time that we will only have for a year. There will be plenty of great memories and times to come, but this is the only year that we will be engaged and hearing him say, “my fiancée,” just warms my heart and makes me smile.

I have been basking in the engaged glow for the last week and we’ve discussed some of the smaller things, but only one decision has been made, save the dates – more to come later on those – we will continue to plug away a little bit at a time, so that we can relax and enjoy our wedding! Funny how when I started writing this a few days ago I struggled with the my vs. our wedding and now it’s just coming naturally. He and I have been a “we” for years and everything we have is “ours,” but even he said my wedding last night and corrected himself…funny how a wedding turns everything upside down! We always land on our feet though and we will adapt and adjust and face this new chapter hand in hand and at the end of this journey…OUR wedding is going to be AWESOME!!

Till next time, Amber

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