Wedding Wednesday - A Bride's Story - Part 3

In Amber's blog this week, we catch up with how things are going and what she did over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm sure you brides know, it's not all about the planning and I can assure you that Amber is definitely on track.

Week 4

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we got engaged!!! I have much to be thankful for this year. I have a wonderful fiancé, a wonderful family of my own, and wonderful in-laws! We spent the holiday in Florida, visiting his family on the west coast and then mine in Central Florida. It was such a blessing to be able to see almost everyone for the holiday! We were able to spend some quality time with his sister, brother in-law, nephews, and parents for a couple of days…highlight for me was the nephews starting to call me “Aunt Amber.” It’s the little things in life. When we headed over to see my family, the timing was perfect and we were able to celebrate a milestone birthday with my uncle. He is my uncle, but it’s a little weird. My aunt and I are less than five years apart and were raised like sisters, that being said, I have never been able to call either of them aunt and uncle in any serious manner! I guess the point of this little rambling was to say that my wonderful fiancé and I are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful families. We all have good days and bad, but I couldn’t have picked better in-laws myself.

On the way home, we stopped in Savannah. It seemed silly not to, since we were driving right by it! We had been to the hotel and the square before, but haven’t been back since we made any decisions. Neither of us were concerned at all, but after seeing the square again and walking around the reception room…we are elated. It is so beautiful and quaint and we cannot wait!! The square is literally across the street from the hotel’s rear entrance, which should make the walk to and then down the aisle far easier than I thought! We, of course, had to stop into Six Pence for a pint while we were there and our only regret was having to leave and come back home. If you haven’t been to Savannah, you must go, it’s such a beautiful city.

We did speak with someone that did flowers on the side while we were in Savannah and he emailed some photos last night of his work, sadly his work is a little ostentatious for our liking, but I guess this is what it’s all about. We will have trial and error on a lot of things over the next few months as we decide exactly what we want. The last big vendors we need to book are DJ, cake, and a florist. I printed out one of Martha Stewart’s wedding checklists and I am cruising right along! My dress is the next big thing on the list and we already have that appointment set for mid-January!

I know this was supposed to tell you a little more about my planning, but I have been chugging right along and there has not been too much to share. You will all know my vendors as I have them and certain information I cannot share in a public forum as it would ruin surprises for parents, bridal party, or even my wonderful fiancé. If he reads this, of course. The only other thing we have decided as a definite is where we are going to register, which we will do when he is done with finals in a few weeks. Other than that, we are just talking through things and figuring out what we want and making decisions as we need to.

That is all I have for now. T-minus 353 days!


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