Are you looking for a venue that has a little bit of history, rustic surroundings and breathtaking views? If so, you will want to read more about my friends at Summerfield Farms. Located just north of Greensboro, Summerfield Farms is not only an family operated working farm but a great rustic wedding venue with lots of charm. I had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their venue and wedding experiences that I knew I wanted to share with you guys.

I know that Summerfield Farms is a working cattle farm. What made you decide to go into the wedding business?

One visit to Summerfield Farms and it’s easy to see why it has become the Triad’s premier rustic wedding venue. The landscape and venues practically breathe charm! The space is simply too magical to share only with the cows and chickens.

Okay, all I can think about is wedding photo op - a groom milking the cow and a bride feeding the chickens. I know...that's why I create the invitations, not take the pictures....

What are some of the hurdles that come with running both a farm and a wedding venue that couples may not know about?

Many people don’t realize that Summerfield Farms is also a working farm, which has presented challenges when scheduling tours and farm visits. For the safety of our guests and the sanctity of the farm, all tours and visits must be scheduled in advance and accompanied by a staff member.

What sets Summerfield Farms apart from other venues?

Summerfield Farms has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venue spaces that can accommodate a wide range of guests. Unlike any other venue in the area, we can take your event from backyard to ballroom.

You currently have eight different venues: The Barn, Rascal’s Ridge, Bank at the Pond, The Meadow, The Tractor Ride, The Pole Barn, The Little Tree and the Back Porch. Which one is your favorite and why? Your newest venue is the Back Porch, right? Tell us a little about that one. Is it open yet?

The Back Porch is coming soon! With picnic tables and a built in fireplace, it will be a great place for casual family gatherings or parties.

Can I just say that I can't wait to think up a reason to have a party on the Back Porch once it's open. This is exactly what I'd love my back yard to look like.

How many weddings do you have in a weekend/month?

This ranges based on the season. We are equipped to host up to four events each day; however, we typically have between one and two weddings a night, Friday-Sunday.

What is your favorite part about the weddings?

Every wedding is different! It’s so much fun to see how each couple tailors their event to fit their own personalities, and we love being a part of that creative process. We learn so much from each couple and are always honored to be a part of their special day.

Do you have a favorite fun story?

We have countless fun stories! One of the beautiful things about The Barn at Summerfield Farms is that we’re not just a venue space, we’re also building a lifestyle. We love growing up with our guests and celebrating life with them through all stages.

What different packages do you offer your couples?

The options are endless! With four different ceremony/reception sites to choose from, hayrides, four different guest quarters, and countless scenic photo ops, couples have a wide variety of options available to them.

How long in advance do you typically start working with a bride?

This is fully dependent on how far in advance a couple is planning their wedding! We have some weddings on the books a year and half out, while others are contracted with just a month or two left to go.

Do you provide someone dedicated to the couple on the day of the event to help them?

Each wedding has an assigned Event Producer who is the key contact both leading up to, and during, the event. The Event Producer is there to know and take care of the details so that the couple can just enjoy the wedding!

What size wedding is typical for you?

While wedding sizes range from intimate gatherings to large parties, our average wedding is for around 150 guests.

What trends do you see with the current brides?

There are colors and decorative styles that trend, but there are also wedding seasons and months that change in popularity. Last year, fall weddings were very trendy, but this year, it’s spring!

If you could tell the brides one thing about your business, what would it be?

Here at Summerfield Farms, we live and breathe special events. We love to learn, and we love to extend that education to our clients and guests. With every suggestion or idea we present, we do so with our guests in mind. We want every guest to walk away with an excellent experience, so everything we do is done with that goal in mind.

Finally, at Summerfield Farms, you host events other than weddings. What other events do you have at Summerfield Farms?

We have hosted events as small as a classic brunch for 10 people up to a Community Table for hundreds of people, and everything in between! One of our most recent community events included an Easter Eggstravaganza complete with music, refreshers, and an egg hunt that included a $500 golden egg prize. We are always looking for ways to be more involved in the area, and love introducing friends to the local Summerfield flavor.

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