Spotlight - Samie Roberts - Wedding Planner

Are you looking for a wedding planner?  Well meet Samie Roberts.  She owns Something Perfect in Charlotte.  According to Samie's website, the average wedding consists for 400 hours of planning, 168 guests to coordinate, fifteen vendors to manage and fifteen months to plan and Samie is here to help you plan. Today, I sat down with Samie to learn a little more about why she got started, her process and what she does in her spare time.

Something Perfect Photos
Something Perfect Photos

What made you decide to start your business?

I can remember wanting to help my mom plan events from a very young age.

I followed that passion to New York and knew I wanted to be in the events industry. It took a bit of exploring but I eventually found the kind of events I loved most: weddings. Opening Something Perfect was that next step and I haven’t looked back.

You worked in New York prior to Charlotte, right? What made you move to Charlotte?

I moved a lot as a kid but lived the longest in Charlotte so I’ve always considered it “home.” After college, I packed my bags and moved to New York City; I always dreamt of living there! I absolutely loved the city but I wanted to open my own business and the only place I could imagine doing it was in Charlotte. When my husband got the go ahead to work from home, we packed up our teeny tiny apartment and moved! Although I love going back to visit, I wouldn’t trade my home in Charlotte for anything.

Big Cake Photography
Big Cake Photography

Besides weddings, what do you do in your spare time?

I love to travel! It doesn’t matter if it’s stateside or overseas, I enjoy exploring new places, cultures and cuisines. I also like to hang out with friends and family, read, bike, try new real food recipes and visit new restaurants. Every Thursday night, you will find me glued to my TV with a glass of wine watching Scandal.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I am definitely a self-proclaimed foodie (and so is my husband) so we are always on the hunt for our new favorite place. Right now, some of our favorites are Bakersfield, Rooster’s, Stagioni and Heirloom. We also love The Asbury for brunch!

I haven't been to anyone of those places and I'm from here...I guess I need to start trying some new restaurants.  What is your favorite part of your business?

All of the really interesting people I get to meet. Every couple has their own story and it’s so cool to really get to know them and their family during the planning process.

On wedding day, I have two favorite moments: The first time the bride and groom see each other that day… it always takes my breath away at the love that moment holds. And seeing the reception space come to life after months of hard work.

Big Cake Photography
Big Cake Photography

What differentiates you from the other planners in Charlotte?

I have a background in the fashion and beauty industry in New York that I think has helped to position me on the cutting edge of trends. This is something that can be a huge asset during the design process. I also consider myself a great mediator.

How many weddings do usually do a year?

I typically do about 10-20 weddings per year.

Erin Kranz Photography
Erin Kranz Photography

What types of services do you offer your clients?

I offer everything from month-of coordination to full service planning. While I have “standard” packages, many couples choose to build something customizable so that it perfectly fits their needs and budget. I am also available to help with rehearsal dinners, engagements, bridal showers and hourly planning services.

How long do you typically work with a bride?

It really depends! I’ve had brides book me 18 months out while others have booked me two to three months before their wedding. No matter when they book me, I jump right in and get to work.

Something Perfect photos
Something Perfect photos

What trends do you see with the current brides?

Brides are shying away from traditional “Pinterest” ideas and instead focusing on creating timeless receptions that are very intimate and personal.

What is the most popular wedding color so far this season?

So far, I’ve seen a lot of purples and pinks. I think that blue is definitely going to be a hot color in the next year based on what we are seeing on the runways right now. And I also don’t think gold is going anywhere for a while!

Big Cake Photography
Big Cake Photography

What times a year do you find are the busiest for this area?

I find most brides get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. As far as months to get married, May/June and September/October tend to be the most popular in Charlotte … it’s so beautiful here during those times!

From a vendor’s perspective, what is the best advice that you can give a young couple?

Get a planner! I know, I know … I’m biased. But in all seriousness, hiring at least a day-of planner (even if its not me!) really helps your day to flow so much smoother. You, your mom and your guests all get to sit back, enjoy the day and not worry about every little detail.

And hire a professional photographer! This is not the place to cut corners. Photography lives on well past your wedding day; you don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I had hired an actual professional.”

Big Cake Photography
Big Cake Photography

What is your process? Do you meet with your brides beforehand?

I offer a free one-hour consultation before booking with me. I use this as an opportunity to get to know the bride and groom, learn more about their wedding and see if we would be a good fit for each other. It is so important that our personalities mesh well; we are going to be working together for a while!

If you could tell the brides one thing about your business, what would it be?

That there is a planning package for everyone at Something Perfect. If the full service, partial planning or month-of coordination packages don’t work for a couple, I can custom design an hourly planning package to help with timeline creation or design conception.

I hope you have enjoyed our discussion with Something Perfect today.  Want to know more about them and how they can help you with your event, be sure to follow her on social media:


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