Mom's Menu Mondays - My Meatloaf

For this week, I thought I would share my recipe for meatloaf.  When I tell you that it contains everything including the kitchen sink, I'm not kidding.  Although, I have provided you with measurements, when I make my meatloaf, I don't measure anything and I use what ever I have on hand. In the recipe below, I suggested using cheese in the middle of the meatloaf.  I have also used bacon in the middle as well.  If you are going to use bacon, I cook it a little in the microwave before putting it in the meatloaf.  Also, sometimes I use additional breadcrumbs on the top to form a crust and other times I use salsa in the meatloaf to give it a little bit of zest.

I hope you enjoy the recipe.  Let me know if you try it.

Also, check back on Wednesday when there will be a guest blogger.