Fun Friday's - Friday Night Game Night

It's Friday, what are you doing tonight? I know, your kids would rather doing anything than hang with mom and dad and heaven forbid they turn off that electronic game or put down their cell phone.  Is it possible for your family to go an entire night without texting, looking at Facebook, picking up your Ipad or watching television?  I dare you...

Check the forecast and plan your night.

If the weather is sunny, why not head to a baseball game, a round of putt-putt or a concert in the park?   Better yet, get the hotdogs, hamburgers and marshmellows out and have a good old fashion cookout. If there is rain in your future, how about taking a step back to the days when you were young and try a Family Game Night.  I don't mean video games with remotes.  Crawl up in the attic or in the closet of the kids room and pull out the Monopoly or LIfe.  Or maybe you were more of a Trivial Pursuit or Clue family.

Growing up, when my parents and I would go to my grandparents, we would play Tripoley and Pokeno. Both are board games played with a deck of cards.  We would pull out the poker trips and spend hours sitting at the dining room table playing.  Just having fun, talking and telling old stories.

I'd love to hear what your favorite family game is...

What ever you do tonight, have fun and enjoy it with your family!

Till Monday...where the recipe will be Spice Cake.