Fun Friday's - Countdown to Christmas

I went to the Apple Store at the mall on Tuesday and it took me 15 minutes to find a parking place.  It was November 11th and the malls were already packed with shoppers and believe it or not, the kids were in line to see Santa.  At this rate, everyone is going to be finished shopping before Black Friday gets here. Sadly, I can tell you that I haven't started.  I have, however, been busily working on new gifts for you to purchase as you dwindle down your shopping list. For those of you that know me, you will recognize my style in this year's line.  All of the pictures below can be found on my etsy shop:  LaurieLouisshop.  We have added a lot of new items over the last week so if you haven't checked out the shop lately, it's time to go back.  We have new disposable coasters (don't forget the customized ones though), cute spiral notebooks and notepads for your desk and purses, as well as fun, graphic design desktop calendars.  This 12-month calendar has one unique style for each month...and sits on a clear easel.

Of course what would a Holiday Line be without the Holiday...disposable coasters just in time for those celebrations and assorted gift tags to decorate those packages.

But for those of you shopping for men this Christmas, I did some online investigating as to what the top gifts for 2014 are for men. Of course, most of the lists had laptops, iPads and gaming tablets and the new iPhones. What also seems to be very popular are fitness trackers that you wear like a watch. This year definitely seems to be a techi Christmas for guys.

And for those of you that haven't thought about your holiday cards yet, it's only 40 days until Christmas. Check out my etsy shop, I have some great Christmas card designs and if you purchase them between now and December 1st, you can also purchase the option to have them addressed, stamped and mailed for you.

Happy Holidays! Laurie