A Bride's Story - Part 9 - Savannah Bound

Hey guys!  Well, Amber and I just got back from Savannah and we had a great trip.  Today, you will hear all the fun wedding details about our trip, but be sure to come back tomorrow and learn about some of the different venues in Savannah to get married.



Week 14

Hello everyone! Laurie and I returned from Savannah today and we had such an amazing and productive trip! We had a great meeting with the catering manager from the hotel and I honestly have to say that if you are even remotely considering doing any event in Savannah that you have to go with the Hilton DeSoto. Dee Young is an absolute joy to work with and the entire staff is so friendly and helpful that you instantly feel at home the moment you walk in the door! We ironed out some important details and cannot wait to go back and do the food tasting with Dan in a few months! We saw the suite that Dan and I will be staying in…and let me just say that there is plenty of room for the girls and I to get ready the morning of the wedding!!

We also met with Natasha Gaskill from A Squad Bakery and I am pleased to announce that I have found my baker! She pointed out that when looking for vendors for your wedding, you are searching for someone that you have a connection with and from the moment that Natasha sat down with us and started talking, I felt like we had known each other so much longer than a few moments! Her cakes are absolutely amazing and once Dan tried them when I got home, he completely agreed!

We also met with Audrey King, a friend that Laurie made while in Salt Lake City a few weeks back for the ALT Summit. Audrey is a wedding planner and also does flowers, she let us pick her brain for some information and gave me some wonderful ideas on things that I hadn’t even thought of!! Hopefully she will be doing what little flowers I do have and I know that whatever she does will be beautiful!

After meeting with everyone, Laurie and I enjoyed a very nice visit to Six Pence Pub and had a wonderful chat with the owners, who also were able to weigh in on some things that they think captured Savannah to incorporate into the wedding in some variety! All in all, it was such an enlightening trip and I am so grateful to have met so many talented people in my life that they have led me to even more talented people! I think that I have locked up everything and now we have reached the maintenance part of the planning process!

I apologize for a shorter blog than usual and rushing through all of it, but as soon as Laurie and I got home I had to rush to work and am very tired from our whirlwind trip!! I hope you will all forgive me. As a final thought, Laurie will be sending out our Save the Dates this week and I did pick up my wedding dress a few days before we left, it is getting more real with each passing day and I am elated to share the information with all of you, my faithful readers. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me and I will try and keep you entertained and fill you in on everything else as we approach our big day!

Until next time, friends! Amber

Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more about weddings in Savannah.