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Hey guys!  It's that time again and Amber's blog today and I have to say that as I was reading it, I was going through my website in my mind saying...does my site do that, do I have that, etc. As some of you may notice from reading Amber's blog, my site is currently a work in progress and things are changing daily.  I would love to know what you guys think.  As Amber's blog says, my goal is to make my site user friendly for everyone, especially that new bride to be. 



Week 16

Hello, friends! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by and yet the wedding seems so far away still! I have been trying to figure out what on Earth I still had to write about since the planning part has come to a standstill, but after doing some research online yesterday I thought I might blog for the vendors! I know that vendors (whether already working with Laurie or wanting to work with her) take a peek at this every now and then and there are some things that I think might be helpful for them. On the other hand…vendors may read this and thank their lucky stars that I opted for a Savannah wedding and they don’t have to deal with me! I hope it’s the former. J

While looking online for vendors, which every bride does regardless of in town or destination weddings, we look for key things. First and foremost, we want to meet you!! Most vendors have an “About Me” section on their site, but I have realized that a lot of them tell you about themselves and never say their name! I never thought about it until yesterday when I was searching for someone’s name and it was nowhere on the site. I also find it very fun when they pose silly questions (what’s your favorite movie, if you could be a shoe what kind would it be, etc.) and tell you something about themselves that is off the wall (I read one where a photographer said her friends referred to her as the Momarazzi). Everyone wants to feel a connection and that is hard to convey online, but being open about your quirky ways, how much you love your dog, that you have traveled the globe, or how you used to line your teddy bears up and make them say cheese…these are things that go a long way to make that connection. I don’t say this in a gimmicky way, be honest, and tell us something that makes us go, “OMG! I love the red M&M’s better too!” Most vendors try to do that, but to those who don’t…maybe it’s time to update the site. As a bride, I want a vendor to be courteous and professional, of course, but I am a loud and often ridiculous force of nature and want to work with people that will let their proverbial hair down and be silly sometimes!

Another thing that I have noticed and I don’t know how anyone lets it happen…make sure your website is easy to read! We all love the cute colors and backgrounds, but if you have a dark brown background, you cannot use black text. It makes it almost impossible to read and trying to highlight the text so I can find your email address is kind of exhausting. Have a navigable website for your future (and current) customers. The contact section should be simple: Address (at least mailing), Phone number (if you want), but most importantly an email address! Those online forms are super helpful, but sometimes a bride has 1 question that she would like to ask you before wasting any of your time to work up a quote! For example, some people want to make sure that a vendor is gay friendly or willing to travel, there is no reason to waste your time with all of the information that is requested on those forms if your answer is in the negative. Most sites use info@..., but a growing trend that I have seen and think is adorable is hello@... It gives it a personal touch! There is nothing wrong with the former, if you have that, I am not at all implying that you should change it or it’s outdated!! I am merely saying that if you don’t have an email address and are relying on online forms, it’s a fun alternative!

Finally, dear vendors, I would like to speak for all brides when I say this last bit. We know that you are the ones that make our weddings beautiful. You put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make sure that every centerpiece looks exactly the way we want it, even though we changed our mind 17 times…just yesterday. Even when deep down you may want to smack us over the head with that beautiful vase that we insisted had to be in the center of table 5, not table 7, because Nana is sitting at table 7 and Aunt Judy gave us that vase and Nana hasn’t spoken to Aunt Judy in 25 years because of the fruitcake incident, which we can’t talk about. You give us the memories that hang on our walls for years to come. You make the delicious cake that the family brings up after every wedding. You are the ones that keep us calm and grounded, when we threaten to call off the wedding or cry because how could 1 piece of chocolate put those five pounds back on? We know that without you and your beautiful visions, endless patience, and sometimes pure ingenuity…we could not have the best day of our lives go off without a hitch…at least as far as we know, because no one tells the bride when the caterer is late and the flowers are half dead and the DJ is wearing cut off shorts when he gets thereyou shield us from the chaos until it’s all over and you can tell us while we have a champagne buzz and are high on love and can laugh about all those things that went wrong and just say, “Thank You!” Thank you, vendors, for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do…and we’re sorry. About Nana. And the indecision. And the meltdown. Ok, the meltdownS, we’re sorry for all of them!! (Mostly Nana though, she’s such a diva).

Brides—make sure you thank your vendors. Not just monetarily, but verbally, technologically…however you can. Let the world know that you have amazing vendors and your wedding would not have been as amazing without them!

Until next time, my friends!


 If you saw the food pictures on instagram yesterday, be sure to check back tomorrow as we discuss wedding appetizers. Until next time – stay warm and don’t forget to share your love on Facebook!