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Hi guys! Amber talks about "the groom" and tuxes. As a follow-up to her post today, tomorrow's post will be about Wedding Tux Trends for 2015. Boy, I never knew there were so many different styles.  Want to know more...read on below and then check back tomorrow



Happy Wednesday, friends! My, oh my, the weeks are definitely starting to add up here! I am definitely beginning to feel like the wedding will eventually get here! This week, I want to talk about the comical experience I had while picking out tuxes.

As most of you know, Dan and I have made all of the decisions for our wedding together. There have been things that I feel stronger about and he has agreed or vice versa, but it has been a joint effort the entire time. Dan didn’t have time to go and look at tuxes when I made the appointment, so I figured I would go in and see the options and put something on the books for him to approve. While talking to the gentlemen at the store, I learned that I am in the minority for thinking he should have a say in what he wears. The manager actually told me, “the groom is just an accessory,” and I should pick whatever I want.

I was really upset by that comment and not as much with the manager as I was with the brides out there that have made this the norm! I informed him that it was OUR wedding and I wasn’t going to make any decisions unilaterally, least of all what he has to wear!! I want him to feel just as comfortable in whatever he is wearing as I am in my wedding dress! We will be wearing these clothes all day and the last thing I want is for either one of us to be uncomfortable.

Here are a few gems from the manager that he was telling me while entering everything into the computer: 1) A groom came in and picked out everything he liked, head to toe, and the bride came in the next day and changed everything and said, “don’t bother telling him, he won’t remember.” 2) A bride and groom came in together and when the groom stated he liked a certain color, she told him that he was insane and that shade of blue wouldn’t work in her wedding. 3) A bride, her mom, and the groom came in to pick out tuxes and the bride and her mother were telling the groom that he had no taste and they would just pick everything out.

Now, I get that most men don’t really care what they’re wearing. They will generally wear whatever the bride decides and never say a word about it, but ladies, please…don’t ever imply that your fiancé has no taste. He picked you, clearly he has good taste! If he has an opinion, hear him out, you may be surprised by what he has to offer to the discussion. Whether you are talking about tuxes, flowers, invitations, etc., it is not solely your wedding and if you can’t compromise on trivial things like this before the wedding…what on earth are you going to do when there’s something of real importance down the road??

I know, I know, I shouldn’t call wedding choices trivial, but let’s be honest for a second. Can you remember the centerpieces for the last three weddings you attended? How about the specific shade of blue on the dresses and/or tuxes? It’s important right now. It’s important right up until the wedding. After that, it doesn’t matter though. The key is marrying the love of your life, if you look back and get bent out of shape over the wrong shade of pink for the flowers, I think you may need to have a glass of wine and take a second and think about how silly that is.

For the record, Dan was very pleased with the tux choice and they’re very lightweight, so he should be more than comfortable all day long!

Until next time, friends! Amber

So after reading Amber's blog, the question of the day is...which bride were you or which one will you be?  Did you pick out your groom's tux...are you going to...or will he be able to pick out his own? We would love to hear from you! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more on the 2015 Wedding Tux Trends.

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