A Bride's Story - RSVPs

Once again, I am laughing at this week's blog because I could have predicted this a few days ago when I got the text saying...talking about invitations and rsvps...I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that this wasn't the first bride that I've had this conversation with.



Happy Wednesday, friends! I was thinking the other day about how long a year seems to an adult. When I was a kid, I could not wait for summer vacation and then before I knew it…it was over. The things we really wanted (vacations, Christmas, birthdays, etc.) always seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, but as I have gotten older it seems that years are flying by before I can think twice! I just get used to writing the right year on a check and it’s time to change again! When Dan and I got engaged, a year seemed forever to wait, but even though I have complained time and again that this year is dragging I cannot believe that we’re coming up on the five month mark!

As another month passes by in the countdown, we started thinking about all the little things that we had already decided, but still needed to be done. We ordered the wedding favors the other day (cannot wait for them to come in!) and also the bridesmaid and groomsman gifts are taken care of. The other night, maybe last night – I can’t remember – we were talking about the hotel and the rooms we have set aside. The coordinator at our hotel told me to set aside a small number of rooms to begin with because we have to sign a contract and we are responsible for any rooms not rented. She said to cover the immediate families and bridal party and then work out from there. I think I made that longer than it needed to be, sorry about that! Either way, we were discussing setting aside more rooms at the discounted rate, but I was worried that we wouldn’t know exactly how many we needed in time. I guess I was thinking of the original idea of RSVPs-they are generally due about three weeks before the wedding date. Having a destination wedding makes that a little harder, so I started doing some research.

For all you destination wedding brides – give your guests plenty of time! We had sent out the save the dates a little sooner than normal for this reason. Why didn’t it dawn on me to do the same with the invitations? According to everything that I have read, you should send out your invitations approximately three months ahead of time, some people say four. Go with your gut, if it is another country…maybe go with four. Another important thing here is the RSVP date for this. I have read anywhere from four to eight weeks on this. Closer to the eight weeks would be planned trips (cruises, tours, etc.) and closer to the four would be destination where the entire family is within short driving distance (think two hours or less). Dan and I are thinking that we are somewhere in the middle on this because we have family and friends all over the eastern seaboard and a few a little further. We also know that people do not necessarily respond in a timely fashion. I have recently learned this even more when I was planning Dan’s surprise party this year! Not everyone is a planner, but they are your friends and family and you love them even when they are flaky!

I have spent most of my life being annoyed by people that could not just tell me if they wanted to come to super fun planned outing in six months! I was am really annoying sometimes, I know. Having since adjusted to the fact that not everyone is as ridiculous as I am about planning, I fully anticipate having to chase some people down for their RSVPs and that is fine! I did read a good tip about numbering the backs of the RSVPs too, so if someone forgets to put their name you still know who it is. I will definitely being using that little trick. And before any of our invitees get upset, I alphabetize…your number is based on your name, not importance to us!!

Until next time, my friends!


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