A Bride's Story - RSVPs

HI guys!  When Amber sent me the blog this week she said - I think you will appreciate this! See, she knows that I had a party in November of which I invited 100 people.  I only had 30 RSVPs and of the 20 that said yes, only 14 came.  Being in the wedding business I know all about this subject and I can't wait to hear your comments.



Happy Wednesday, friends!! Seriously, 21 weeks, are we this far in already? Everyone keeps telling me how the wedding day will be here before I know it and then BAM! It’s 20 years later…well, I don’t feel that way at all. I feel the need to warn everyone that this blog may be a little more “ranty” than you are accustomed to from me, but I guess I’m just having one of those days. I feel like the wedding is taking the long way to getting here and I’m just twiddling my thumbs. I can’t wait to marry Dan and I wish the wedding was tomorrow!! It is probably my own fault, I was too much of a go-getter! I busted out the wedding planning so quickly that now I am just sick of everyone asking me how the planning is going because there’s nothing to tell! There won’t be anything to tell until after the wedding! I am not going to share every single plan I have come up with, most of the people that are asking aren’t even invited to the wedding and I don’t think it’s fair to constantly be telling them how great it’s going to be…like I am rubbing it in their faces! I’m not, of course, and I don’t think anyone thinks that at all, but it’s a real concern! My main rant that I have (and I am nowhere near running into this, but I know it’s going to happen) is RSVP cards.

When I receive an invitation (wedding, birthday party, shower, etc.), I try to respond the day I get the invitation. I am a little neurotic about these things though and like being organized. Not to mention that you know when your family and friends are having birthdays, weddings, showers, etc.; so it’s a bit closed minded to not have any clue that you may be invited to such an event. I have heard the horror stories about brides having no clue how many people are coming to their wedding and having to call guests two weeks before the big day and ask them if they’re coming! You have to do the obligatory lie, “I’m sure your response card was lost in the mail, but we just need a final count!” We all know the truth though, they were too forgetful or rude or whatever to bother responding so the host can actually be prepared. Forgetful I can understand, we all overlook things from time to time (why I try to respond within 2 days-I know my brain can be like Swiss cheese), but for a wedding that you have received a Save the Date…you should know your answer before the invite ever hits your mailbox, which means you really have NO excuse, other than poor manners, to not respond in a timely fashion.

The flipside of that, and we all know this happens too often as well, someone will RSVP affirmatively and then not show up! Short of a hospital visit or force of nature, this is never okay! Rude doesn’t even begin to describe this person. I would (and will) be infuriated if someone says they’re coming to our wedding and doesn’t have the common decency to give us a heads up before not showing up. Hosting a party for 120 people isn’t cheap! Doing it in a prime location like Savannah isn’t cheap! Choosing one of the nicest hotels in Savannah to do it…let’s just say Dan and I may wind up living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next few months (I hear it’s good for weight loss ha!). I know I am going to have late RSVPs and am going to have to call people, I know people will say they’re coming and will not show up. I know it’s going to happen, but that isn’t going to stop me from being pissed as all get out over it! It’s also not going to stop me from using my soapbox to tell all of my nearest and dearest…don’t be that guest! You got an invite because we really and truly want you there, if you can’t come-we understand, but please show us enough respect to let us know!

I just read that again and wow, that is kind of mean! I stand by every word though. Whatever invite you get from a friend or family member, respond as soon as you can. Think about how you would feel if you invited 20 friends over for a party and 10 said yes, but no one else responded. So you only buy enough food and drink for 10-15 people and then 25 people show up! Now you don’t have enough food or drink and you have people that weren’t even invited crashing your shindig! I do promise that if you invite Dan and me to anything, we will let you know ASAP what our intentions are. Although, you should probably email me, since I’m the secretary in the family. ;)

Until next time, friends!


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