A Bride's Story - Nightmares

If you read the title of this week's blog, I can only imagine what you are thinking. When Amber told me what she was going to write about, I googled it...there were ten different google pages on wedding nightmares. So for those of you that thought you were alone, it's VERY real!



Happy Wednesday, friends! After talking with Laurie, we have decided that in order to keep this blog fresh, we are going to drop down to once a month blogs until we get closer to the wedding. I don’t want anyone getting bored and am struggling with ideas!

With just under five months to go before the wedding, I had to look up something that I have been experiencing…wedding nightmares! I thought for sure that it was far too early for these to start and with not stressing out about the wedding at all, I figured it probably wouldn’t happen at all. Silly Amber. I had one a few months back, the details are fuzzy now, but I figured it was stress about other things in life and my subconscious was just putting it into the wedding because that is what I am usually thinking about as I fall asleep. (Read: daydreaming about how awesome it’s going to be and how excited I am – nothing bad) It was just the one and I brushed it off. Until a few nights ago that is, I have been having some trouble sleeping for about a week now, but that isn’t too unusual for me, it happens from time to time.

The other night I had not just one, but two wedding nightmares! The first one, we were in Savannah and starting to get ready and all of a sudden (2 hours before the ceremony) I realize that my wedding dress is still in the closet at home. Everyone is freaking out and we find a store and try to find a new dress, but I just keep wandering around the store not being able to find anything. It was a wedding dress store, but somehow I kept coming to Halloween costumes! I would find a dress that I liked, but when I would walk back over to get it, I could never find it again. I was hysterically crying (of course) and just kept screaming that I couldn’t get married in another dress because the one at home was my dream dress! I finally found a dress that looked exactly like my dress, but when I tried it on and walked out of the dressing room it was ripped and tattered. It was a horrifying dream! My second dream was a dream that I am sure every woman can relate to, I dreamt that Dan left me for a younger woman. No need for details on that one, it kind of speaks for itself, I guess. He assures me this won’t happen, so there’s that!

When I woke up, obviously still upset, I looked up wedding nightmares because I had not really heard about it being a thing. They are apparently very common and you should not be freaked out by them! There are so many moving parts to a wedding that your subconscious is bound to get twisted occasionally and often times it can make you realize another issue that needs to be addressed. For example, dreaming about chipped toenails may symbolize feeling unstable. My dream about not being in the right dress may symbolize feeling vulnerable, the shopping part generally symbolizes making choices in my waking life (I just got a promotion at work, so this one really makes sense). Just a few things to think about, they all come from somewhere and there is no need to freak yourself out more!

There is so much emphasis on everything going perfectly on your wedding day, that we often times forget that there are very few people that are going to realize if something is a little off. The only people that know what the exact plan is are you, your fiancé, your wedding coordinator (if you have one), your bridal party, and your photographer. This is a limited number in the grand scheme of things and all of those people are going to act as normally as possible to hide/fix any issues before you see them. Just remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s a big step. You might stumble a little, just don’t let anyone see you sweat (unless you’re getting married in the summer and that might happen!). Until next month, friends! I will be telling you all about my New York bridal shower and the obvious shenanigans that I get into with my ladies! Maybe not ALL of the shenanigans…


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