A Bride's Story - Cash vs Open Bars

Hi guys!  I can't believe that we are getting so close to Amber's wedding.  This week's blog is a subject that I bet people don't think about until the last minute.


Week 18:

Happy Wednesday, friends!! I feel like I say this every single week, but it's always true...time is flying by! Closing in on the 8 month mark and we just got the final email for the chair rental for the ceremony and are pretty much down to finalizing centerpiece options, getting our rings, and fitting the guys for their snazzy clothes. If you have anything you need to rent-any type of chairs/tables/etc. check out Host South. They have been awesome to deal with and are so nice! 

As promised last week, I am going to talk about cash vs. open bars. As stated many times throughout my blog, every wedding is different and only you and your fiance can decide what is best for you, so these views are strictly my own. 

As someone from the North, cash bars are really not an option. I was raised that cash bars are tacky. For any other bride with a destination wedding, I will say this: you are already asking your guests to pay for travel and accommodations, gifts and/or cash, and walking around money if they're staying more than a day. Asking them to pay for their drinks at the wedding as well, is a little short sighted. I know (trust me) how expensive weddings can be, specifically the food and beverage part, but you should only be planning on doing this once, so throw the party you deserve! If you're on a tight budget, it is most certainly a place to save money, there is no doubt about that, but make sure that you're guests know that. I would suggest letting someone close, family or bridal party, spread the word. 

If you and/or your family are not drinkers, for religious reasons or otherwise, then clearly I am not talking to you! I would say this is for those sitting on the fence, having an open bar for a few hours and then switching over to a cash bar is acceptable, but the vast majority of guests go to a wedding expecting to have some great food, drink (we're all friends here, so let's be honest) to excess, and party down on the dance floor  to celebrate your union! 

As long as you let guests know that it will be a cash bar, most will completely understand. There is nothing worse than going to a reception with no prior knowledge and walking in with no cash on you!! If it is really coming down to dollars and cents, consider doing beer and wine only and foregoing liquor. Places will charge up to double the dollar amount per person by adding liquor. Another alternative to think about, that has become very vogue now is having 2 signature cocktails and strictly beer and wine other than that. Two - of course - so the bride and the groom can both be represented. If you add a little cranberry to your choice, you have a ready made Blushing Bride! Feel free to have fun with the drink names too, it's your day! 

I hope that this was helpful and more importantly, I hope that no one was offended by my viewpoint. It is just that...mine. Your wedding/your choices. Don't let anyone (especially some ding dong with a blog) sway you! 

Until next time, friends! Amber 

******************** If you like the idea of the signature cocktail like I did, be sure to check out - The Knot's Signature Cocktail Finder for your own ideas.

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