A Bride's Story - Anniversary

In this week's edition of A Bride's Story, we catch up with what's going on with Amber.  Even though, it has been less than a year since our good friend's Amber and Dan got engaged, they celebrated an anniversary this week!



Hello friends and happy Wednesday!! I apologize for the brief hiatus, but life has a way of sneaking up on you and demanding some more attention! I can’t believe that we are creeping up on the 6 month mark! I am still not to a point that I am going to start counting the days, but I can say that we are officially 6 months and 8 days out!

Sunday was the 5 year anniversary of our first date! As it was Mothers’ Day we opted to put the anniversary celebration on hold and celebrate a few of the mothers in our lives and have a brunch with my mom and brother and Dan’s sister, niece, nephew and his wife. It was absolutely worth putting our own celebration on hold. We are so blessed to have family close, but even more blessed to be able to spend quality time with them! Dan’s nephew was on leave from the Navy and we were able to meet his wife for the first time before they head off to (most likely) Japan.

Since we didn’t get to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday, we decided that we were going to have an adventure day on Monday. We drove down to Camden, SC to visit the battlefield and the historic district. Unfortunately for us, we found out after we arrived that everything is closed on Mondays and were only able to walk around outside without the joy of being able to visit the inside of the Kershaw house or the museum. We salvaged the trip with a visit to Columbia to see a good friend and have some lunch. This isn’t the first time that this happened to us, we are really terrible about checking the times and days that things are open!

All in all it was a blissful trip and we had lots of laughs and such a great time enjoying each other! With him being in school and our work schedules, we have really struggled with getting quality time together and I am so looking forward to having a couple of weeks where we get to see each other for more than a few moments a day!!

On the wedding front there is really nothing to add, we have all of our ducks in a row for now and are impatiently awaiting our nuptials. At least I am, I can’t speak for him! All we have left to do is getting the tuxes for the guys and his wedding ring. I kind of can’t believe how little we have left to do! I am anxiously awaiting the time to start flying by, like everyone tells us it will, and cannot wait to marry this wonderful man of mine!

Until next time, friends!