Today's blog is written by our new friend Rachel Sandy. As Rachel works this school year as our intern and gets closer to her wedding day, she will be bringing you a combination of opinion pieces like today as well as informational pieces like the one on budgeting. I hope you like this one.


You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a server, it’s that EVERYONE has an opinion on your life, and your choices, no matter if they’re a table you wait on every week or someone you just met for the first time that night. My engagement? Absolutely no exception. When people see the diamond on my left hand, I’m always met with the same incredulous looks, especially when they find out that I’m only 21…and that I’ll barely be 22 when I walk down the aisle. “But you’re so young!” they’ll exclaim incredulously. And then, it never fails, they’ll look sideways at my waist, as if the answer to my early marriage must lie there.

Let me say it here, clearly: I am not pregnant. I am not having a shotgun wedding, and I am certainly not about to start “birthing no babies” at this point in my life. I am fully aware that in today’s world, it is not common to get married just after your 22nd birthday. I am completely aware that it might look funny to some people. Yes, I am marrying much younger than I ever thought I would. I am marrying before my college graduation, without having traveled the world like I always assumed I would. I am marrying much, much earlier than I ever thought my mind would allow. But that doesn’t bother me the way it seems to bother other people. I’ll say again, I am not pregnant, but I am very much in love.

My customers always stare at me strangely when they hear about my upcoming nuptials; they ask questions, they pry. “Are you sure? How will you know that he’s the one if you haven’t experienced everything that’s out there?”

Honestly, I know that I haven’t experienced everything that the world has to offer. I haven’t been to all of the places that I want to go. I haven’t gone to France, Egypt or Greece. I haven’t visited Spain or vacationed in Turkey. But if I’m going to go, if I’m going to do those things, I would rather go with him by my side, as a team. I’ve dated. I’ve dated since I was 14, and I’ve never met anyone like him. I’ve never met anyone so driven, so intelligent, so incredibly committed to making me happy. I don’t need to experience the entire world, to date every man that might be interested in me to know that he is the one, because if I did, he wouldn’t be.

Life is short. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that. Why not spend every second that I can with someone that makes me happy? He’s my best friend. My confidant. He’s the person that I turn to when I’ve played my entire hand and I don’t have any cards left to throw down. He loves me at my worst, at my lowest moments, and he loves me at my best. He’s the person that picks me up when I’m down and constantly pushes me to chase my dreams. He’s the only person I could imagine being with for the rest of my life, no matter what.

I’ve heard it said many times that getting married young is like leaving a party at 9 pm. Not to me. He IS my party. It’s like having the party at home with you all of the time, but also having someone to go eat some nachos from Taco Bell with when I inevitable get tired of the actual party. So no, nosy people, I am not pregnant. I am not close to pregnant, I am not ready to get pregnant. I am just very, very much in love with a man who makes getting married young seem like a challenging adventure, and not a funeral. Please stop looking at my stomach, I’m not pregnant, I’m just in love.