A Bride's Story - Videographer

Hi guys! In this week's edition of A Bride's Story - our good friend Amber is back...but don't worry because Keri has promised to make another appearance before the wedding. For this week, Amber talks about a good friend of mine and hopefully a participant of our vendor spotlight soon - Sara Mathis



Happy Wednesday, friends! Twenty three weeks. Wow. I still think the wedding is taking forever to get here, but time is flying by! Dan and I did decide to hire a videographer and went with the lovely Sara Mathis of Sara Mathis Productions and couldn’t be happier! We initially had no intention of hiring one, but a few weeks ago I found myself reading lists of bride regrets (because once you start reading one, you have to read EVERY SINGLE one) and realized that most brides that had opted out of the videographer regretted it terribly. I don’t know that I would have, but why risk it? He and I will never be able to see everything on our wedding day and I am sure that there are going to be tons of things that we wish we had caught on camera!!

I absolutely cannot wait to work with all of our wonderful vendors! I know that while there will be hiccups and nothing will go perfectly (because, you know, Murphy’s Law,) I have complete faith in Laurie from (really? You all know where she’s from!) that our invitations will be impeccable, I have faith in Natasha from A SQUAD Bake Shop that our cake will be delicious, I have faith in Susan from Susan Crutchfield Photography that our photos will be timeless, I have faith in Sara from Sara Mathis Productions that our every breath will be captured, and I have faith in Dee from the Hilton DeSoto that our venue will be as breathtaking as ever.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I, successfully, pulled off a surprise birthday party for Dan thanks to the help of wonderful friends and family. A special thank you to my sister in-law to be, Kim, she was with me every step of the way. From planning to shopping to day of execution. I am one lucky girl to be gaining a sister like that out of this marriage!! Those that know me can attest that I have a huge problem keeping secrets, specifically surprise type secrets, because I get too darn excited! How I kept from telling my BFF that I was throwing him this awesome party is beyond me, but I pulled it off and couldn’t be happier that he was genuinely surprised and everyone had a wonderful time!

I’m afraid this blog will be on the short side because life being what it is, I am going to sneak a few hours with my wonderful fiancé, while I can, and snuggle up and watch some baseball!

Until next time, friends!


In tomorrow’s post, I will catch you up on my 2015 goals.  In next week's Vendor Spotlight, we will sit down with Kimberly Williams of Weddings by the Vine. If you are thinking about a vineyard wedding, be sure to check it out.

Until next time, take in a baseball game and be sure to share your love on Facebook! Laurie