It's time for another edition of - A Bride's Story.



Hello, my friends!! I cannot believe it’s already been a month since I last posted a blog! What a month it has been, I have started a new job and have been traveling all over. Though I hate being away from Dan, he is finishing up his semester right now and I think having me out of the house is good for him, ha! I have spent a few days in Virginia, a day in Raleigh, a few days in Asheville, a few days in Columbia, SC, and of course a weekend in NY for my bridal shower! The new job is absolutely fantastic and I am loving every minute of it, it’s everything I have been working toward and for once in my life I understand the meaning when people say, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m not saying it is all rainbows and unicorns and there will be plenty of tough days ahead, but it’s a far cry from the general misery of the mundane I have grown accustomed to. Enough about that though…you guys want to hear the good stuff. I flew up to NY last Friday night, after a rather long delay, switching planes, and not even leaving Charlotte until 15 minutes after I was supposed to land in NYC. Lemonade though, right? I made it and got some sleep before Krista and I headed over to the Bronx to meet Keri and Lacey for a Yankees game, because no trip to NY is complete without taking in a baseball game. We had an absolute blast and I am so thankful for the wonderful ladies in my life. There was lots of laughs to be had and although I was completely beat, the thought of not rallying, was never an option! Sunday morning, Lacey and I went to David’s Bridal to go and get her bridesmaid dress and she was in charge of keeping me entertained and away from the golf course until it was time for the shower. Now, this is the perfect time to let everyone know that I had no idea what the theme for the shower was and had no clue what to expect from the shower. The last bridal shower I went to was when I was a child and have always been too far away when friends had theirs. Lacey and I get to the golf course right on time and as I am offering to help my future mother and aunts in-law help unloading, my little sister and maid of honor takes a box out of my arms and hands me the invitation. I almost burst into tears right then and there. The theme was absolutely perfect. She and Krista had sent out invitations that were little baseball tickets with Yankees vs. Mets on them!! When I got inside I saw that the favors were bags of cracker jacks and cookies with baseball stitching.

The whole darn thing was even better than I could have imagined and to say that I am blessed to have these girls would be such an understatement.

The shower was absolutely lovely, I got to see my new family and some of my current family and friends and we all had a wonderful time. Lunch was absolutely wonderful and from start to finish I could not have asked for a better time. I was sitting there thinking…how could this get any better? Then the cake came out. It said “Batter Up 11/21/15” and had our names on crossed bats. Seriously, how lucky am I to have the maids of honor I do?

I don’t know what the girls have planned for SC in September, but the bar was set pretty darn high, haha!

As for everything else wedding related, we are doing our engagement photos at the end of August and then will be headed to the hotel in Savannah to choose our scrumptious dinner for the reception! For all the times I whined about it taking forever…I feel silly now, because time is flying by! We are creeping up on that 100 day mark very quickly and no, I will not start officially counting days until we have hit 90!!


I hope you enjoyed the blog and the photos and I cannot wait to tell you all about the engagement photos and tasting next month. Until next time.