Summertime Fun – Engagement Party – 4th of July Style

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Are you getting married in the next year? Your summer is CRAZY…and you need to slow down long enough to introduce your new fiancé to your family…STOP…I have an idea. Chances are that are you having some sort of celebration next weekend for the Fourth of July. Why not make it a dual party and celebrate your engagement at the same time. You already have the decorations…all you need is an invitation and a few more items to make it look more like an engagement party. Not only does it work well into your busy schedule but it’s a cost saving idea for a party.

I even came up with a list for you to help you get ready:

1.  Invitation: In keeping with the red and blue theme of the Fourth of July, this cute invitation is perfect to celebrate your engagement. If you don’t have time to mail invitations, then you can turn this cute invitation into a pdf and send via email or upload it to paperless post and send it that way. Check out the title – Come Watch Sparks Fly and Celebrate the Engagement of…you will understand later. Be sure to use an email address of phone number for RSVP’s because you won’t have time to receive them in the mail.

4th of July Engagement Invitation2. Menu: That’s easy…what else would you have on the Fourth of July…hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. If you want to arrange food ahead of time so noone has to cook, call your local bbq place and get take out from there.

hamburgers for 4th of july engagement party


3. Side Dishes: It’s summertime, so this time of year you have to have a tray of fresh vegetables. I always include celery, carrots and either red or green bell peppers. Don’t forget to add some ranch dip for the center. Potato salad is also a great side dish. I like mustard in mine but everyone has their own recipe. And of course, you have to chips.




4. Dessert: Staying with the blue and red colors, watermelon and blueberries make the perfect cool dish for summer. Blue and red cupcakes are holiday treat as well and are fun for the kids. With the heat though, be sure to wait until the last minute to put them out.



5. Drinks: I love lemonade this time of summer. It’s so refreshing and just a little different. I always have soft drinks on hand though and these cute diet coke bottles are perfect for the party. Water bottles are a must this time of year as well. You have to stay hydrated. Of course, for those who want adult beverages, I suggest a metal buck with ice for your beer. It keeps it cold and it fits with your decorations.



bucket of beer

6. Decorations: This is the easy part. I would keep with the blue and red theme. I happen to have a red metal shelf that I use outside as a bar top or for food.  When I created the invitation, I created a customized logo for them that I also used on the envelope liner. Carry this throughout, incorporating stripes and stars to represent the flag. A banner with their names on it stringing from the bar is a perfect decoration.  Mason jars are cheap and perfect for holding the lemonade.  The only problem is that they all look the same. Cute labels with everyone’s name on it are the perfect answer. All they need to do is pick their glass. And of course, red and white paper straws with cute flags make the perfect detail. And finally, use the logo, stripes and stars to make cute water bottle labels celebrating the bride and groom.

banner for engagement on


7. Favors: What would a Fourth of July celebration be without fireworks. Remember I told you in the beginning of this blog to pay attention to the heading of the invitation – Come Watch Sparks Fly and Celebrate the Engagement of, well check out these cute favors. Using the same cute cards that I created for the name tags but replacing them with our favorite saying and adding the bride and grooms name, they make the perfect gift tags for sparkler favors. If you cut an even straight line above and below the writing, you can slide the sparklers in to secure them.

sparklers for engagement for

sparkler2 for engagement for

Finally, when everything is finished, grab a burger, a cold one and sit back and watch the fireworks.



All paper items above were created by and can be customized for any wedding or event. If you are celebrating soon and need some invitations or day of event paper, let’s talk! Just click here for information on how to contact us.

Until then, stay cool and hydrated and share your love on Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to check back for Thursday’s blog as we take a look at the fall and winter wedding colors.

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Spotlight – Sawyer Family Farmstead

| North Carolina, Vendor Spotlight, Venues

In this week’s vendor spotlight, we sat down with Nicole Wade of Sawyer Family Farmstead. Established in 1993, the Sawyer Family Farmstead is located about six miles from Cashiers, North Carolina and is a working Christmas tree farm. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking Lake Glenville and a short distance away from plenty of hotel accommodations, it is a perfect rustic wedding venue location.

I know that Sawyer Family Farmstead is part of a working Christmas Tree Farm. What made you decide to go into the wedding business?

We wanted to share the beauty of the mountains with others.

What are some of the hurdles that come with running both a farm and a wedding venue that couples may not know about?

Up keep of the property. There is a huge difference between “farm” look and wedding venue look.

What sets Sawyer Family Farmstead apart from other venues?

Our location absolutely sets us apart as well as that we are family owned and operated. We offer everything from DIY to all-inclusive packages.

You have several different venue locations. Can you tell us a little about them and why each one is so special.

When couples book our venue, they have the whole place for the day, so they can use any area to hold their ceremony. The most often used one is the pergola, which is located on top of a grassy knoll over-looking Lake Glenville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What different packages do you offer your couples?

We have a basic package that includes the ceremony and reception and a separate rehearsal dinner package. We also have four other packages: the Mountain Top package, the Mountain Love package, the Plateau package and the All-In-One Plus package. Starting with the Mountain Love Package, each package includes the package before it respectively and adds a few more options with the All-In-One Plus package including everything. All of our packages are broken down here.

Photo by: Ruby Peoples Photography

Photo by: Ruby Peoples Photography

What is your favorite part about the weddings?

When the bride arrives to the ceremony. It is a beautiful moment.

Do you have a favorite fun story?

There was a planner working with a couple and we were assisting with the ceremony line up and as the ceremony started, they realized the rings had been left in our bridal cottage. So, we ran down to get them and by the time we got back, 3 sets of wedding bands had made their way to the maid of honor. In the end, they were able to use their own rings and it was a great story.

How long in advance do you typically start working with a bride?

6 months – 18 months

Do you provide someone dedicated to the couple on the day of the event to help them?

Yes, we provide a dedicated person on the day of the event.

What size wedding is typical for you?


What trends do you see with the current brides?

We have seen lots of couples choosing to do a first look. Other trends include: using coral, navy and gold together, having varying shades of bridesmaids dresses, a “man of honor”, using non-traditional songs for ceremony and reception, and hiring Blue Grass bands for ceremony and cocktail hour.

Is there one thing that you feel is important for brides to ask or know when choosing the perfect venue?

What is included in your packages? Are there any hidden costs?

Finally, if you could tell the brides one thing about your business, what would it be?

Free advice – Make sure to create an inspirational board either to help you choose a venue or once your venue is chosen. Take you Pinterest boards and choose your top 2-3 pictures for each different category. Looking at the whole board can be overwhelming. Doing this will help you set healthy boundaries, plan better, get more of an accurate quote from vendors, and help you communicate with those helping you what your vision is. It is well worth the time and energy.

I love that idea. One of the first things I ask my brides is whether or not they have a Pinterest board. It helps when looking at colors, styles and typography. It helps to tell me a little more about the couples personality.

I hope you have enjoyed our discussion with Sawyer Family Farmstead today.  If you want to know more about them and how they can help you with your event, be sure to follow them on social media:

Facebook: Sawyer Family Farmstead
Instagram: @sawyerfamilyfarmstead
Twitter: @sfarmstead
Pinterest: Sawyer Family Farmstead

Thanks for joining us today. Be sure to check back next week for another edition of A Bride’s Story and the next #Summertimefun post.  Until then, stay cool and hydrated and share your love on Facebook!



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A Bride’s Story – Nightmares

| A Bride's Story

If you read the title of this week’s blog, I can only imagine what you are thinking. When Amber told me what she was going to write about, I googled it…there were ten different google pages on wedding nightmares. So for those of you that thought you were alone, it’s VERY real!

Happy Wednesday, friends! After talking with Laurie, we have decided that in order to keep this blog fresh, we are going to drop down to once a month blogs until we get closer to the wedding. I don’t want anyone getting bored and am struggling with ideas!

With just under five months to go before the wedding, I had to look up something that I have been experiencing…wedding nightmares! I thought for sure that it was far too early for these to start and with not stressing out about the wedding at all, I figured it probably wouldn’t happen at all. Silly Amber. I had one a few months back, the details are fuzzy now, but I figured it was stress about other things in life and my subconscious was just putting it into the wedding because that is what I am usually thinking about as I fall asleep. (Read: daydreaming about how awesome it’s going to be and how excited I am – nothing bad) It was just the one and I brushed it off. Until a few nights ago that is, I have been having some trouble sleeping for about a week now, but that isn’t too unusual for me, it happens from time to time.

The other night I had not just one, but two wedding nightmares! The first one, we were in Savannah and starting to get ready and all of a sudden (2 hours before the ceremony) I realize that my wedding dress is still in the closet at home. Everyone is freaking out and we find a store and try to find a new dress, but I just keep wandering around the store not being able to find anything. It was a wedding dress store, but somehow I kept coming to Halloween costumes! I would find a dress that I liked, but when I would walk back over to get it, I could never find it again. I was hysterically crying (of course) and just kept screaming that I couldn’t get married in another dress because the one at home was my dream dress! I finally found a dress that looked exactly like my dress, but when I tried it on and walked out of the dressing room it was ripped and tattered. It was a horrifying dream! My second dream was a dream that I am sure every woman can relate to, I dreamt that Dan left me for a younger woman. No need for details on that one, it kind of speaks for itself, I guess. He assures me this won’t happen, so there’s that!

When I woke up, obviously still upset, I looked up wedding nightmares because I had not really heard about it being a thing. They are apparently very common and you should not be freaked out by them! There are so many moving parts to a wedding that your subconscious is bound to get twisted occasionally and often times it can make you realize another issue that needs to be addressed. For example, dreaming about chipped toenails may symbolize feeling unstable. My dream about not being in the right dress may symbolize feeling vulnerable, the shopping part generally symbolizes making choices in my waking life (I just got a promotion at work, so this one really makes sense). Just a few things to think about, they all come from somewhere and there is no need to freak yourself out more!

There is so much emphasis on everything going perfectly on your wedding day, that we often times forget that there are very few people that are going to realize if something is a little off. The only people that know what the exact plan is are you, your fiancé, your wedding coordinator (if you have one), your bridal party, and your photographer. This is a limited number in the grand scheme of things and all of those people are going to act as normally as possible to hide/fix any issues before you see them. Just remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s a big step. You might stumble a little, just don’t let anyone see you sweat (unless you’re getting married in the summer and that might happen!). Until next month, friends! I will be telling you all about my New York bridal shower and the obvious shenanigans that I get into with my ladies! Maybe not ALL of the shenanigans…


Be sure to check out tomorrow’s vendor spotlight, where we sit down with Sawyer Family Farmstead and be sure to check out Instagram on Friday for some new Rustic Wedding Invitation designs. Perfect for the Sawyer Family Farmstead bride.

Until next time, be sure to stay cool and hydrated and be sure to share your love onFacebook!


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| FREE PRINTABLES, Summertime Fun

Did you know that today was National Flip Flop day…time for sun, fun and flip flops…so go in your closet, pull out those cute flip flops and put them on…

In honor of today, check out these cute new Flip Flop gift tags. Just download and print on an 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock and cut.  You will need a hole punch for the center.  Add ribbon or string and you have your own cute gift tags.



Enjoy and be share the love on Facebook and Instagram.

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Summertime Fun

| Summertime Fun


Hot weather, fresh produce signs, kites, swimming pools, bathing suits, flip flops, tank tops and shorts, swimming at the lake, cookouts, watermelon, cold sweet tea and fresh lemonade, fireworks and summer vacations are all signs that it’s SUMMER TIME! Your favorite time of the year, come on, you know it is.

So, starting today, along with our weekly wedding blogs on Thursday, we will be starting a series on Summertime Fun! Posts will consist of everything from fun parties to plan with your friends to exciting vacations to take to recipes to make with that good summer produce. Beginning June 29th, they will be posted every other week on Monday’s.



To start off the series, I thought I would show you guys how to make one of my favorite summer dishes…stuffed zucchini boats. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a hint yesterday.

summertime fun zucchini boats


The first thing is to take fresh zucchini from your local farmers market, produce stand or back yard – wash it and slice lengthwise.  Scoop out the center of the zucchini and place on a rack in a pyrex dish with a thin layer of water in it. Don’t put too much water that it soaks the bottom of the zucchini, just enough to provide a steam. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

summertime fun zucchini

Then cook 1/2 to 1 pound of ground sirloin (depending on the number of zucchini) with a small onion – chopped fine. Drain properly.

summertime fun ground beef

Chop up two large homegrown tomatoes into small chunks and add to the ground beef. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Hint:  I didn’t add any salt at al. Then add the mixture to the center of the zucchini boats that you created.

summertime fun before the oven

Put in your oven for an hour…depending on whether you want it chewy or not.  I like mine crunchy. With about five minutes left to go, add shredded cheddar cheese to the top.

I served it last night with homemade mashed potatoes and cut up homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers marinated in Italian dressing. Dessert was cut up watermelon. You can’t get much better than that.

summertime fun zucchiniFor those of you that were wondering…you know who you are…I can cook, although some of my friends think I can only bake.

Next week, we will talk to Nicole at Sawyer Family Farmstead and in our next #summertimefun blog will talk about fun ideas for your July 4th celebrations! Until then, we will be sharing more #summertimefun ideas on Instagram.

Stay cool and hydrated and be sure to share your love on Facebook!



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A Bride’s Story – RSVPs

| A Bride's Story

Once again, I am laughing at this week’s blog because I could have predicted this a few days ago when I got the text saying…talking about invitations and rsvps…I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that this wasn’t the first bride that I’ve had this conversation with.

Happy Wednesday, friends! I was thinking the other day about how long a year seems to an adult. When I was a kid, I could not wait for summer vacation and then before I knew it…it was over. The things we really wanted (vacations, Christmas, birthdays, etc.) always seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, but as I have gotten older it seems that years are flying by before I can think twice! I just get used to writing the right year on a check and it’s time to change again! When Dan and I got engaged, a year seemed forever to wait, but even though I have complained time and again that this year is dragging I cannot believe that we’re coming up on the five month mark!

As another month passes by in the countdown, we started thinking about all the little things that we had already decided, but still needed to be done. We ordered the wedding favors the other day (cannot wait for them to come in!) and also the bridesmaid and groomsman gifts are taken care of. The other night, maybe last night – I can’t remember – we were talking about the hotel and the rooms we have set aside. The coordinator at our hotel told me to set aside a small number of rooms to begin with because we have to sign a contract and we are responsible for any rooms not rented. She said to cover the immediate families and bridal party and then work out from there. I think I made that longer than it needed to be, sorry about that! Either way, we were discussing setting aside more rooms at the discounted rate, but I was worried that we wouldn’t know exactly how many we needed in time. I guess I was thinking of the original idea of RSVPs-they are generally due about three weeks before the wedding date. Having a destination wedding makes that a little harder, so I started doing some research.

For all you destination wedding brides – give your guests plenty of time! We had sent out the save the dates a little sooner than normal for this reason. Why didn’t it dawn on me to do the same with the invitations? According to everything that I have read, you should send out your invitations approximately three months ahead of time, some people say four. Go with your gut, if it is another country…maybe go with four. Another important thing here is the RSVP date for this. I have read anywhere from four to eight weeks on this. Closer to the eight weeks would be planned trips (cruises, tours, etc.) and closer to the four would be destination where the entire family is within short driving distance (think two hours or less). Dan and I are thinking that we are somewhere in the middle on this because we have family and friends all over the eastern seaboard and a few a little further. We also know that people do not necessarily respond in a timely fashion. I have recently learned this even more when I was planning Dan’s surprise party this year! Not everyone is a planner, but they are your friends and family and you love them even when they are flaky!

I have spent most of my life being annoyed by people that could not just tell me if they wanted to come to super fun planned outing in six months! I was am really annoying sometimes, I know. Having since adjusted to the fact that not everyone is as ridiculous as I am about planning, I fully anticipate having to chase some people down for their RSVPs and that is fine! I did read a good tip about numbering the backs of the RSVPs too, so if someone forgets to put their name you still know who it is. I will definitely being using that little trick. And before any of our invitees get upset, I alphabetize…your number is based on your name, not importance to us!!

Until next time, my friends!


Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog, when we start a new feature…#summertimefun.

Until next time, be sure to stay cool and hydrated and be sure to share your love on Facebook!


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| North Carolina, Vendor Spotlight, Wedding Planners

One of the first questions that brides seem to ask is…do I need a wedding planner? Well, the question you might want to ask is…can you do without a wedding planner? If the answers to your questions are YES and NO, respectively, then let me introduce you to Heather Bryson and the rest of her staff at Carolina Event Design.

Being in the industry for over a decade, Heather can share with her brides invaluable lessons that can’t be found in the numerous wedding magazines and books or television shows. This week, we sat down with Heather to ask her a little bit about herself and the wonderful business that she has created.

What made you decide to start your business?

I always wanted to be a ‘party planner’ and at the end of 2007 I sent an email that opened doors and catapulted me into my dream job. I had been in the industry since 2000 in the beauty realm, so I already knew a ton of people.

You have two other planners beside yourself, how did you all find each other?

Erin used to work at an upscale venue that we were partners with and wanted more flexibility with her schedule so she joined our team; and Elle was a past bride with a awesome eye for design and detail and wanted something creative to fill her time as a stay at home mommy.

What is your favorite part of your business?

Having clients trust me whole heartedly with what most call the most important day in their entire lives. If you think about that, that’s extremely humbling.

What differentiates you from the other planners in Charlotte?

From many, it’s our lengthy experience and longevity. To all, it’s our superior attention to detail and we often hear from other vendors that we’re more involved than any other planners they see.

How many weddings do usually do a year?

Typically between the 3 planners we’ll take around 16-18 weddings that incorporate wedding weekend. We do offer two other packages that are of great service to couples along the way however don’t tie up wedding weekend itself. Most of our business is full service, so this is why we monitor our client load…it’s an incredible amount of details and creativity and we want each client to feel like they’re our only one.

What types of services do you offer your clients?

Full service is the most popular…so from saying “Yes” all the way through to the get-away car at the end of the evening on wedding night. We also offer a partial package, a month-of package, as well as a design only package and an hourly consulting option. We really try to offer advice and assistance to couples of every budget range and style.

How long do you typically work with a bride?

9-12 months for full service…but we’ve planned several from beginning to end in just 7 weeks!

What trends do you see with the current brides?

Wanting something out of the box….which we absolutely live for!

What is the most popular wedding color so far this season?

It’s still the soft tones of cream, champagne, gold, and blush…however we dare brides to be different and think outside the lines. We just did one a few weeks ago that was chartreuse green, candy apple red, and splashes of yellow, and some vendors are calling it the most incredible wedding they’ve ever seen! Everyone was blown away by the unpredictable colors. So fun! It’s all about bringing style and personality into a wedding and not being a copy-cat to something you see on Pinterest.

What times of year do you find are the busiest for this area?

Hands down, May and October for the wedding dates themselves, with September and June not far behind. Our busy season starts the beginning of March and slows down around the first weekend of November. Whatever you do, do not do not do not have an outdoor wedding in July or August here in the Charlotte area if you have any care and concern for your guests. It’s miserable although many, many couples forget just how hot it gets here. Your guests will be miserable and they will leave. Promise.

It’s always fun to learn a little about the people behind the business.

What do you guys like to do when you are not working on weddings?

Hang with our young kids and hubbies and during the summer you’ll find us at the pool! with cocktails in our thermos perhaps =)

What’s your favorite restaurant?

Too many to name but our current obsession is food trucks.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.14.14 PM

Photo by: The Schultzes

If you weren’t a wedding planner, what would your dream job be?

Andy Cohen’s Right hand guru.

What are the five presets on your car radio/ipod?

We are so eclectic with music! Anything from country, to WuTang (Erin), to classic 80s throwbacks, to old school Rock, to TSwift, to Maroon 5. We love all kinds of music!

Finally, from a vendor’s perspective, what is the best advice that you can give a young couple?

Be unique! Have fun and let a planner take the stress of out of planning. Just because everyone else is stressed out planning doesn’t mean you need to be. Our clients have FUN.

If you could tell the brides one thing about your business, what would it be?

We have experience and we’re legit. So many wanna-bes out there who just want to plan a party and don’t respect the fact that it’s your wedding and money. This is our job and livelihoods. You have to use a planner who’s well respected in the area. That’s key.

I hope you enjoyed our talk with Heather and Carolina Event Design.  Want to know more about them and how they can help you with your event, be sure to follow them on social media:

Instagram: @carolinaeventdesign
Pinterest: @caroeventdesign

Don’t forget to share your love on Facebook!

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A Bride’s Story – Unexpected Turns

| A Bride's Story

I have to say that when Amber told me she had news this week…I laughed. When you read today’s blog, I think you will too…don’t get me wrong, parts are very sweet but then others…are so typical of unexpected turns.

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Okay, I have always been completely honest with you all (for better or worse) and I have to tell you all now…things are really coming together and I cannot believe that in less than five and a half months, I get to marry the man of my dreams!!

This has already been such an amazing journey; even with the minor breakdowns, a few tears, and a little yelling…I catch myself daydreaming about walking down the aisle and pledging my eternal love to Dan in front of our family and friends on a daily basis. I know that I have said it a million times already and I will say it a million times more, but I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing man by my side through this crazy trip called life.

Today, I went out with a good friend for the day and we found ourselves at Barnes & Noble (aka the happiest place on earth) and while wandering around we realized there was an entire section dedicated to weddings! It was small, but we were shocked at how many books there were for a wedding! Books on etiquette, how to be a great bridesmaid, how to be a great mother of the bride, etc. Who knew the subject warranted so many books? My friend picked up a book and it opened up to a page about pregnant bridesmaids. According to etiquette (I’m pretty sure it was the “for dummies” edition) it stated that pregnant bridesmaids used to be a source of embarrassment back in the day. (WHAT?!) It’s not now, of course, but it’s completely insane that women used to be made to feel as though they should be ashamed for bringing new life into the world while standing for a friend welcoming a new journey in her own life!

It is even funnier that the page happened to fall open to this because I recently found out that not just one, but TWO of my bridesmaids are expecting babies about three and four weeks respectively after my wedding! Now my first thought when I found out the first time was, “OMG, I am so happy for her….but is she still going to be able to come to my wedding?!” and after finding out about the second one all I could think was, “OMG, I am SO HAPPY and who cares what she can or can’t do for the wedding!” I do think that my first bridesmaid telling me may have paved the way for my having zero selfish thoughts for the second one! I will say that both bridesmaids are planning on attending and have let their doctors know about the wedding and now all I can think about is how lucky I am!

Two women, whom I love dearly, are going to schlep down to Savannah to share this wonderful day with me, even though they are likely going to be very uncomfortable and ready to meet their new bundles of joy! I am also incredibly lucky because when these babies get old enough, I get to tell them that they were at Aunt Amber and Uncle Dan’s wedding and show them pictures of them in their mommy’s tummies! I cannot express enough the importance of taking a step back and not thinking selfishly because while yes, I am embarking on a new chapter of my life, these beautiful women are starting a new chapter OF LIFE for those babies.

I am honored that these wonderful women are going to stand with me (or sit if need be!) on such a momentous occasion and I am blessed to be a part of their children’s lives even before they make their first appearance on this Earth. I love both of these babies already and cannot wait to meet them.

One minor selfish thought – Dear babies, If you’re itching for early release, I just ask that you hold your escape until after the I Do part of the day. After that…I’m all yours! Love, Aunt Amber

Until next time, friends!

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s vendor spotlight if you are recently engaged and looking for a great wedding planner. Tomorrow we talk to Heather Bryson of Carolina Event Design.

Until next time, don’t forget your sunscreen and be sure to share your love on Facebook!


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Weddings – Tux Trends

| Weddings

When I started today’s blog, a result of Amber’s Blog – A Bride Story for this week, I never realized how many different styles there are and ways there are for grooms to put their own special spin on things.

One of the first questions to think about is color. Although, tuxedos are now available in colors like white and tan, the popular trends these days tend to be the traditional black, hues of blue and grey. The classic and traditional color for a tux is black. Generally used for that black tie affair or night time wedding, you always know that your wedding pictures will have a certain flair and expensive feel to them. Blue tuxedos come in a wide range of shades and are perfect for any wedding with the darker shades being saved for the night weddings or the late afternoon weddings that go into the night. Grey tuxedos and suits continue to be popular and the light shades like cement are perfect that afternoon wedding. Grey is also a good way to tone down the formality.

When talking trends and styles, one of the new trends is an old trend made new. At one point, the “morning dress” was reserved for daytime weddings. Today, with companies like Allure Men and Ike Behar, we now have some updated options to bring back this tradition. Pair it with a detailed fabric vest and have a look that belongs on the runways in Hollywood.

Another trend is the slim fit…these are perfect for the men with smaller frames or guys that want that slimmer look. Finally, when picking a tux you need to think about the lapel. Little did I know that there were three different types of lapels. Silly me thought there were two – think and wide. According to research, there are three main types: notch, peak and shawl lapels. Notch lapels are the least formal and tend to make the tux look more like a suit. They are for that guy who wants to look and feel comfortable but needs to wear a tux for the wedding. The “notch” gets it’s name because of the opening where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, usually at a 75 – 90 degree angle. Peak lapels are the most formal and traditional. This would be the type of lapel that you would generally have on a morning dress. It is defined by the edges that are pointed up toward your shoulders.  Finally, shawl lapels are also very formal and elegant but have a continuous curve unlike the notch and peak lapels.

Now that you know all about the trendy colors, looks and styles for 2015, let’s talk about distinction. No two brides or grooms are the same and therefore, no two wedding parties should look the same. Unlike brides that have the ability to add color with their bridesmaid dresses and flowers or style with their off the shoulder, strapless, vintage or modern dresses, grooms can be limited. When looking for a little distinction…try using a little color with a pocket square, an elegant tie or vest or for that groom that just wants a little fun…try colored socks.

No matter what you chose for your groom…always make sure it compliments you and your dress.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope this post has helped. Next week we will have another edition of A Bride’s Story from Amber and we will talk to Heather Bryson from Carolina Event Design.

And for those of you soon-to-be brides, that are still in search for that perfect venue and wedding invitation suite, be sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook and the promotion in conjunction with Summerfield Farms and how to Register to Win $100 to spend on invitations at

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A Bride’s Story – The Groom

| A Bride's Story

Hi guys! Amber talks about “the groom” and tuxes. As a follow-up to her post today, tomorrow’s post will be about Wedding Tux Trends for 2015. Boy, I never knew there were so many different styles.  Want to know more…read on below and then check back tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday, friends! My, oh my, the weeks are definitely starting to add up here! I am definitely beginning to feel like the wedding will eventually get here! This week, I want to talk about the comical experience I had while picking out tuxes.

As most of you know, Dan and I have made all of the decisions for our wedding together. There have been things that I feel stronger about and he has agreed or vice versa, but it has been a joint effort the entire time. Dan didn’t have time to go and look at tuxes when I made the appointment, so I figured I would go in and see the options and put something on the books for him to approve. While talking to the gentlemen at the store, I learned that I am in the minority for thinking he should have a say in what he wears. The manager actually told me, “the groom is just an accessory,” and I should pick whatever I want.

I was really upset by that comment and not as much with the manager as I was with the brides out there that have made this the norm! I informed him that it was OUR wedding and I wasn’t going to make any decisions unilaterally, least of all what he has to wear!! I want him to feel just as comfortable in whatever he is wearing as I am in my wedding dress! We will be wearing these clothes all day and the last thing I want is for either one of us to be uncomfortable.

Here are a few gems from the manager that he was telling me while entering everything into the computer: 1) A groom came in and picked out everything he liked, head to toe, and the bride came in the next day and changed everything and said, “don’t bother telling him, he won’t remember.” 2) A bride and groom came in together and when the groom stated he liked a certain color, she told him that he was insane and that shade of blue wouldn’t work in her wedding. 3) A bride, her mom, and the groom came in to pick out tuxes and the bride and her mother were telling the groom that he had no taste and they would just pick everything out.

Now, I get that most men don’t really care what they’re wearing. They will generally wear whatever the bride decides and never say a word about it, but ladies, please…don’t ever imply that your fiancé has no taste. He picked you, clearly he has good taste! If he has an opinion, hear him out, you may be surprised by what he has to offer to the discussion. Whether you are talking about tuxes, flowers, invitations, etc., it is not solely your wedding and if you can’t compromise on trivial things like this before the wedding…what on earth are you going to do when there’s something of real importance down the road??

I know, I know, I shouldn’t call wedding choices trivial, but let’s be honest for a second. Can you remember the centerpieces for the last three weddings you attended? How about the specific shade of blue on the dresses and/or tuxes? It’s important right now. It’s important right up until the wedding. After that, it doesn’t matter though. The key is marrying the love of your life, if you look back and get bent out of shape over the wrong shade of pink for the flowers, I think you may need to have a glass of wine and take a second and think about how silly that is.

For the record, Dan was very pleased with the tux choice and they’re very lightweight, so he should be more than comfortable all day long!

Until next time, friends!

So after reading Amber’s blog, the question of the day is…which bride were you or which one will you be?  Did you pick out your groom’s tux…are you going to…or will he be able to pick out his own? We would love to hear from you!
Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more on the 2015 Wedding Tux Trends.

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